Don't Oversell the Sacrifice

When recruiting, don’t oversell the sacrifice. Share the opportunity to make an impact on the Kingdom of God. So many leaders walk into the recruiting conversation apologetic and sheepish. They come to the conversation feeling like they are a bad person that is taking something away from this potential volunteer. As they present their ideas, [...]

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Does your Strategy Clarify Opportunities or do New Opportunities Constantly Redefine your Strategy?

Ministry leaders can easily fall prey to shiny, silver objects. It is all too easy to be taken off track and derailed from a very critical strategy simply because a shiny object has appeared in the periphery.  When you begin to pursue this peripheral opportunity, you get yanked off track. Think of your strategy as [...]

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Concerned About Many Things

I may be concerned about many things, but I am responsible but for a few. Place your energies towards the few. Do you know what YOU are responsible for? Over the years, I have been plagued by what I viewed as illogical and poor decision making by ministries that I had no responsibility for in [...]

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An Inheritance in Heaven

Remember the promises and remind volunteers that there is an inheritance kept in heaven for you. As humans, we all respond to rewards. We are motivated both intrinsically and extrinsically, and God knows that. God is a God of rewards, but I think we often forget that God has truly incentivized serving and sacrificing for [...]

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Overwhelm With Excellence

I think an important value that we should subscribe to in a ministry setting is excellence. For far too long, I have seen quality take a back seat to expediency. Getting it done has eclipsed getting it done well. Over the years it has been a sad stain on so many ministries to see them [...]

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