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The Trap of the Clean Stall

In ministry we think, "If you want a job done right, do it yourself." You may avoid messes, but you have just stepped into the "Trap of the Clean Stall". Proverbs 14:4 reads, "Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but much increase comes by the strength of the ox." In the ancient [...]

Blessed to Give

Is it truly better to give something away then to receive something? How does the mathematical equation of that scenario work?  How does this add up?  How can I actually have more after giving away? "Remember the words of our Lord Jesus, It is  more blessed to give than to receive." Doesn’t it seem somehow backwards? Doesn’t this [...]

No Favoritism in Ministry

As small group leaders, we will inevitably have a few kids in our group who have won our hearts in a special way.   Given a group of 10 kids, certainly, one or two kids will share a kindred spirit.  This is normal and good.  However, we must have no favoritism in ministry. Encourage All Find a [...]

How to Create a Meeting Agenda

Great meetings make great teams. Yet so many of us feel completely LOST when it comes to creating meeting agendas and just do not know where to start. I have created a winning "KidMin Meeting Agenda Template" that I have used for years. It is simple. It is straightforward. It works for every meeting type [...]

Leadership by Proxy

Squirming and talking kids is distracting during Sunday School.  Period.  The teacher is distracted.  The kids are distracted. So...what can be done? I envision four possibilities: Scenario #1 - The Epic Fail Adult leaders are around the outside of the room (1) talking with one another and (2) paying no attention to the teaching that [...]

Bringing Up Leaders

Mentorship in ministry is essential. Without intentionality, we may overlook opportunities to develop future leaders. KidMin leaders should be about bringing up leaders. 2 x 2 x 2 Development Multiplication in ministry happens through bringing up leaders. Paul developed Timothy. Timothy was encouraged to do the same. “You then, my child, be strengthened by the [...]

Fruitful Investment

Serving in children’s ministry is a fruitful investment. Children’s ministry is a worthy place to give of your time, your energies, your prayers, and your heart.  Teach 'em Young Studies show that a child’s basic moral foundation set by age 5.   In addition, studies show that the big picture concepts of God, like His character, His [...]


In order to understand the Kingdom of God, we need to understand seeds. I live in Iowa. We have miles and miles of corn and soybeans. I live in a farming state. Know your seeds. Seeds Multiply Paul said, “Do not be deceived. What ever a man sows, therefore shall he also reap.” If you [...]