The Lord Jesus said, "It is  more blessed to give than to receive. This is not just a saying.  It truly is better to give than to receive.

It is Better to Give

So, is it better to give than to receive?  Doesn’t this seem like an upside down concept? Doesn’t it seem somehow backwards?  You give something away and yet, you somehow have more than what you originally started with.  Is it truly better to give something away then to receive something? How does the mathematical equation of that scenario work?  How does this add up?  How can I actually have more after giving away?

Well, It works. This is the kingdom of God. This is the concept of the upside down kingdom. This is not the kingdom of the earth. This is not the kingdom of this world.   In the upside down kingdom, in order to live you must die. In the upside down kingdom, in order to receive you must first give. In order to be blessed it sometimes requires us to first be a blessing.

God is Not Mocked

There is a biblical means by which we can receive. God is not mocked, whatever a man sows therefore shall he also reap. Sow seeds of goodness, compassion, selfless love and God, in his divine accounting system, somehow allows you to receive from his own hand so much more than you ever anticipated.

Sow Seeds

The wise farmer does his work, regardless if he is seeing the seeds sprouting.  He has confidence in the plan and in God who causes the growth. However, seeds take time to germinate. The diligence and discipline of the farmer comes down to perspective.  Do you want to see the amazing fruit and receive a bountiful harvest in your families life?  Sow seeds into your family today.  Be intentional this week.   Sow seeds today.

This is the upside down kingdom. Give this week. Give to your kids.  “Remember the words of our Lord Jesus, it is more blessed to give than to receive.”   Amen.