It's About the Gospel

Each year churches plan, prepare, pray and pull off a summer outreach using three familiar letters: V.B.S. Each summer, thousands of churches boldly reach out to their community and tens of thousands of kids are impacted by Vacation Bible School. How do you spell work?  VBS. VBS doesn’t happen on it’s own. Those glitter-covered block [...]

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The Great Exchange

Some time ago, I took up swimming as exercise.  Swimming, like other athletic activities increases one's need for oxygen. Normally, breathing is a very natural and even subconscious event that we do not even think about. But not with swimming.  In swimming, the first thing that I had to learn what was called the "exchange" [...]

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Family Events - How to Plan Effectively

Get the FREE e-Book about planning Family Events! Before you jump into planning an event, download the FREE e-book, "The Definitive Guide to Planning a Family Event". It is a powerful, step-by-step guide to planning and executing family events. It is an e-Book; It's a Workbook; It's Free. And most importantly it works! Download FREE [...]

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How to Build a Mobile Ministry

  A FREE 21-Page Guide How to Build a Mobile Ministry Trailer! Detailed pictures and diagrams for transforming a 5'x10' enclosed trailer into a mobile ministry resource! Learn tested strategies for doing mobile ministry at apartment complexes and trailer parks! Learn how to start a Block Party Ministry for families to reach out to their [...]

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White for Harvest

Have you ever seen cotton fields white for harvest? I was in Alabama 2 months ago during harvest time.  It is quite a sight to see row after row of pure white cotton ripe for opportunity.  It made an impression upon me. I was in Alabama again today. We saw huge bales of white cotton [...]

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