Cool Science + At Home = Reach Families

What Families Will Do

Samples from Season 2, Lesson 1

Scripture Music

Each session has a word-for-word Scripture song video, a song actions video and a downloadable MP3 for easy memorization!

Each family can download the MP3's of each scripture song!

Powerful Science Devotion

Every session has a powerful Science Devotion and 3 easy steps for families to follow:

(1) Main Point
(2) Scripture Reading and
(3) Family Reflection Questions.

#1. Main Spiritual Point: Our sin separates us from God.  Jesus died on the cross to make a bridge to God.

#2. Bible Verse: “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the son shall not see life but the wrath of God remains on him.”  John 3:36

#3. Question: Have you asked Jesus to forgive you?  If you believe that what Jesus did on the cross will forgive your sins, you will have eternal life.

Fun Science Challenges

Keep kids engaged with 3 different science challenges!  Sit if you think it will SINK.  Stand if you think it will FLOAT.  Fun for all and simple to lead.

Educational Science Projects

Every session has an educationally rich S.T.E.M. project. Every science project uses common, household items and provides a powerful family connection. Lists of all household items are provided.

Do you want to see what household items the program uses?

Would You Rather

Get your kids talking and laughing. Spark some interesting conversations about personalities, preferences, dreams and fears! Start by asking "Would you rather...."  Let every person vote for which thing they would rather do...or maybe avoid!

Great Bonuses

Family Bonuses include:

  • 5 Scripture Songs to Download
  • Free e-Book, “I Want My Kids to Argue”
  • 10-Page Science Coloring Book
  • Downloadable Castle Cut Out

Church Bonuses include:

  • Promo Videos
  • Social Media Kit with wording done for you!
  • Simplified Supply List (download below)

Parent Recharge Videos

Parent Recharge Video short and inspirational videos, built for busy parents to gain encouragement. Each video has a brief write up and simple reflection questions.

Our Guarantee to You

Gospel Guarantee

The Good News of Jesus Christ is Shared Every Day.

  • Gospel Shared in Memorable Ways.
  • Auditory, Social, Musical Learning.
  • Visual, Hands-On, Emotional learning.

Educationally Rich

Powerful Science Experiences Using Household Items

  • S.T.E.M. Based.
  • Tutorial Driven.
  • Household Items.

Home-Based, Parent-Led

A Doable Plan for a Stay-at-Home, Spiritual Experience.

  • Empower Parents.
  • Simple to Lead.
  • Educationally Rich.

Simple Licensing

Equip Families. Impress Your Pastor. Save Your Budget.

  • Bulk Licenses.
  • Content Sent Directly to Families.
  • Low Prices.


$10ooper family
  • Total = $100


$800per family
  • Total = $200


$700per family
  • Total = $350


$500per family
  • Total = $500

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Season 1 of Faith Lab @ Home was so exciting for families that YOU WANTED MORE!  You asked and we listened!

RETURNING PROGRAM ELEMENTS: Season 2 has some of the beloved aspects from Season 1, with all new (1) Music, (2) Sink or Float Videos (3) Science Devotions and (4) Science Projects.

BRAND NEW PROGRAM ELEMENTS: Season 2 has some BRAND NEW items as well!  Introducing: “Would You Rather” Video Shorts + “Parent Recharge Videos”.

Great News!

If you did Faith Lab @ Home – Season 1, you will NOT need to reenter the emails. We provide a simple checklist of those families who participated in the original Faith Lab @ Home. Once selected, you can register all your families with ONE click!  If you have NEW families who wish to participate in Season 2, the process of entering names and email is identical.

If you did not participate in the original Faith Lab @ Home, the process is easy. You simply enter each participating families first/last name and email and they will be registered!


Let's imagine you purchased 50 initial licenses. The number "50" would appear on the ADMIN page. As soon as you enter your first family, that number will reduce by one and will show "49". This process continues. When you reach 5 licenses, we will send you an automated email alerting you that you are running low on licenses, though you can buy more licenses at any time.

Let's imagine you had 15 remaining licenses and you KNOW you will need 10 more. You would go back to the website and click through to buy 10 licenses. You would be automatically redirected to your ADMIN area. You will need to wait a few minutes (typically 4 min) and then refresh the site. The previous number of 15 licenses will now be conveniently updated to indicate 25 licenses.

Please note, however, that the site does not take into consideration the number of licenses you originally purchased and cannot reduce the price. In other words, someone may buy 100 licenses at $5/license. If they were to buy 10 additional licenses, it would be at the $10/license rate.

The short answer is no. We do not allow streaming as an option

We created Faith Lab @ Home with several foundational values:

(1) Provide a unique option for churches during a challenging time of Covid-19.

(2) Allow families to lead in their homes.

(3) Make the ADMIN and USER experience ultra simple.

(4) Protect the copyrighted content from mass distribution and avoid placement on YouTube, FB Live, Zoom and Vimeo.

Even if the intent was only for a local church and on their restricted platform, this can be problematic. Therefore, our solution to meet these criteria was achieved through password protected access to our website.

Once you have purchased Faith Lab @ Home, you have both ADMIN and USER access for 1 year.

We suggest completing the family registration portion close to your official start date for your particular VBS program. This will help you keep everyone moving through the program at the same time. However, if a family misses one session or wants to go back to try something again, they have plenty of time to do that even after your VBS time ends.

Start by promoting as you normally would:

(1) Social Media

(2) Church Website

(3) Email

(4) Church App, etc.

We suggest creating your own Google Forms to gather First Name, Last Name, and Email.

When you are ready to launch the program to your families, COPY and PASTE directly from the Google form into the Faith Lab @ Home family registration platform.

We do not have the coding functionality to mass upload a whole file of names and email addresses using a .csv file.

However, if your church did the original Faith Lab @ Home, you will NOT need to reenter the emails. We provide a simple checklist of those families who participated in the original Faith Lab @ Home. Once selected, you can register all your families with ONE click!  If you have NEW families who wish to participate in Season 2, the process of entering names and email is identical.

The short answer is no.

Once you register a family for Faith Lab @ Home, they will receive a welcome email with instructions for access the site plus 3 follow up emails to help draw their attention to the sites features and login reminders. Also, all families will access the video files through a password protected site – there are no downloadable videos.

However, you are welcome to send your own emails to families participating with additional information about how you will be running the program (examples could include: encourage them to complete daily FB challenges, share links to Facebook groups or where you will be posting more, etc.)

Also, you may create your own videos to send to families or upload on a Facebook page, or even host a live video experience through Facebook, Zoom, Vimeo, or the like. We provide five crazy science skits, or develop your own a daily kickoff and closing video on Zoom, Vimeo Live for Facebook Live each day.

When we built the program we were unable to "restrict" daily access because some churches are using the material as a 5-day at home VBS, and others are using the material as a 5-week at home program. We were unable to accommodate all scenarios. However, if you can share your vision for keeping everyone on the same page, most families will honor that request.

The first step is to enter all emails the night before the program week starts to prevent anyone from accessing content too early. Families will receive a welcome email and login information as soon as you enter their information. Providing access any earlier may result in families jumping on early.

A second option to help all families move through the content as a community would be to host a powerful kick off time on Zoom, Vimeo Live or FB Live each day. Use a Master of Ceremonies just like you would for your traditional VBS. We provide five scripts that could be used for crazy science skits on this live platform.

Finally, you can institute a POWERFUL and NOT TO BE MISSED set of Facebook challenges with points, prizes and more. This Facebook challenge idea is spelled out in the material you have access to as an ADMIN. Posting the challenge and requiring entries on the day of will also encourage families to stay on track with you.

If a family contacts you indicating they have not received the welcome email with access to the program: (1) Ask them to look into SPAM or PROMOTIONS folders in their email program, (2) Send them a copy of what they entered in the Google Form for verification and finally (3) Reach out to our team to change a misspelled or incorrect email.

As the admin, you will NOT be able to see a full list of families you have entered into the program or individual names/email addresses. The level of coding involved to offer this feature would have not allowed us to release Faith Lab @ Home as quickly as we wanted to in this challenging ministry season. We can look up that information for you if users are having any difficulties.

Faith Lab @ Home is a fun and creative way to have a Science-Inspired, Christ-Focused experience in the home that shares the story of salvation through Jesus Christ in a memorable and engaging way. CLICK HERE to see our statement of faith.

Quick Tour - Adding New People

What Church Leaders are Saying

Michayla White

Executive Director of the International Network of Children's Ministry

“This resource is powerful because it allows church leaders to come alongside the home in a powerful way! Parents will be able to confidently lead their children through each Bible-rich and FUN session, and leaders will be encouraged to see how the family grows closer to God and each other through this experience! Simple, powerful, approachable, affordable... it's a no brainer solution for effective summer discipleship!”

Ryan Frank

KidMin Nation, KidzMatter Magazine, KidMin Academy

“Faith Lab @ Home is the perfect solution for Kids Pastors to support families in this new season of ministry. Are you looking for a Stay-At-Home-VBS...? This is it.”

Brian Dollar

Full-time Children’s Pastor, Creator of High Voltage Kids Ministry

“This resource is a God-send to families! The depth of the content combined with the ease and energy of the program makes this a HOME RUN!”

Esther Moreno

Founder of Child's Heart, Radio Show Host

“Kidmin Science does it again. Faith Labs@Home is an amazing tool for churches and parents alike to enrich the faith lives of their children in fun, easy, and engaging ways. A dynamic cost efficient tool guaranteed to bring the family together!”

Deanna Peacock

Children’s Ministry. Southwest Christian Church

“The idea of not having a VBS this summer was not something I could even fathom. Then I saw Faith Lab @ Home. It is THE perfect option for this summer. FL@H gave me a practical and engaging solution, alleviating my anxiety, on how to reach families in our church and community.”

Ricardo Miller

Life Management Coach, International Speaker

“Faith Labs@Home is a game changer for children and families. It's where the church and families collide. This innovative tool puts the parents in the driver seat of their children's faith in a way that's easy and fun.”

Karl Bastian

Full-time Children’s Pastor and Founder of Kidology

“WOW! I’ve used The Amazing Chemistry Show VBS, hosted the Family Experience and even brought Josh in to visit our local school - but NOW, you can have Josh’s Amazing teaching in your own home! It’s too good to be true! What an incredible gift to your families!”


$10ooper family
  • Total = $100


$800per family
  • Total = $200


$700per family
  • Total = $350


$500per family
  • Total = $500