Evangelism and Discipleship do not happen but in the context of community. Therefore, we need to be intentional about creating community with kids.  Being intentional about community building is the equivalent of mining golden moments.

Mining those “Golden Moments”

Kids want to talk about themselves, but typically we need to do the work of a miner, excavating those golden nuggets of relational goodness.  We need to be playful, persistent and personal in our attempts to get to know a kid.

Everyone has a story.  It is to a leader's glory to dig deep and find those golden treasures. Relationship is about knowing another person. Questions allow for knowing. For years I have used a great resource for questions.  It is a book by Dr. Gary Poole entitled, 1001 Questions.   This simple book is packed with great starter questions.  Click Here to see this book on Amazon.

Be on Mission; Be on Point.

Use every opportunity to relate and learn. Be on mission; be on point.  Mining for “Golden Moments” takes work and intentional leadership. Gathering facts and relational minutia about kids can become a wealth of information from which we can draw at just the right moment during a teaching time.

Be on the lookout for ways to listen and learn about interests, activities and more.  Their answer to the question “Do you have any pets at home?” can be mentally cataloged and used later.  Knowing kids can allow for a perfectly orchestrated Holy Spirit moment to relate the Gospel message to one unique child.

Do Not Waste Opportunity!

Waiting in line for the drinking fountain is an opportunity for a “golden moment”.  Strike up a conversation.   A worn out or hurt kid during game time is an opportunity for a “golden moment”. Draw near not only to comfort but to learn.  Capitalize on relational opportunities.

It takes a special set of "leader goggles" to see opportunity.  Keep your eyes peeled and be intentional about asking probing questions.  Make it a game and a challenge to learn one new thing about 3 different kids each week.  You will soon become a special adult in their life.

Before long, you will have earned the right to be heard.  You will now have relational entrance to share the Good News in a meaningful and personalized way.