A Different Kind of Parenting Weekend

Asking a Different Question:

  • Let's not ask "What is Going Wrong?" that kids leave.
  • Let's understand what went right in those who stayed.

It's About Simple Things:

Factor #1

Ate Dinner 5 of 7 Nights a Week as a Family

Factor #2

Served WITH Family Members in a Ministry

Factor #3

Had a Weekly Spiritual Experience in the Home

Factor #4

Was Entrusted with Ministry at a Young Age

Factor #5

Had One Faith-Focused Adult in their Lives.

Your Hosts: Josh and Sarah Denhart

Josh and Sarah Denhart have been married for 24 years and have 4 kids, ages 20, 19, 17 and 14. Josh and Sarah are imperfect people with imperfect kids. Both Josh and Sarah are classically trained educators and have served in ministry together for over 25 years. Sarah loves Chick-Fil-A, coffee and working out at Pure Barre. Josh plays a pretty mean electric guitar and has a traveling science show called "The Amazing Chemistry Show."

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A Typical Schedule

Session 1 - Overview + Factor 1
Session 2 - Factors 2 + 3
Session 3 - The Sex Talks
Session 4 - Factors 4 + 5

Each session will last about 1 hour. You can set this up as a Friday night/Saturday morning event, or schedule a one-day Saturday event.

The Amazing Chemistry Show

If you would like to offer children's programming during the event, consider booking The Amazing Chemistry Show and Hands-On Science. Our staff will attend, along with Josh and Sarah, and perform a 1-hour stage show, followed by facilitating hands-on science projects for the duration of the conference. Ask about pricing for this option when you book your event!

What Church Leaders are Saying

Amy Bates

New Hanover, PA

“Josh and Sarah came for our first ever Parent Summit and it was amazing! They connected on every level with our participants through their experiences as parents of uniquely different children. Built on Biblical principles and supported by current research, Josh and Sarah will work with you so that your parents walk away with tools to support them in their role as parents, saturate them with much needed encouragement and a renewed spirit. Whether you’re looking to begin a parent ministry or revive an existing ministry, start with Josh and Sarah.”

Stanley Mearse

Eastanalee, TN

“If you are seeking to empower, uplift and encourage parents to engage with their families you are in the right spot. Josh and Sarah Denhart are relatable and connect instantly with any size church. The wisdom they share from their Christian journey helps provide a road map for families in our ministries with incredible insight from the Bible. This is a great way to start a ministry to parents or recharge one you already have. Reach out to Josh and Sarah you will be blessed!”

Adam Stewart

Cleburne, TX

“We had Josh and Sarah for their 'Parent Recharge' conference and it was outstanding! They were so open and honest about their successes and failures in parenting as well as children's ministry. The audience remained engaged throughout the event and we were able to get through quite a few topics in a relatively short time. We shared so much laughter together and some wounds as well. Our families left encouraged and with many things to consider in order to raise our children in ways that will help lead them to Christ. We are so grateful to have hosted this sweet couple for the weekend.”

Tracey Mayo

Round Rock, TX

"What a great Parent Recharge conference! Thank you Josh Denhart and Sarah Denhart for coming and sharing with us. The feedback has been wonderful! Our parents were encouraged and affirmed."

Parent Attendee

"This is the first time I've left a parenting event where I haven't left feeling like I just had a spiritual/emotional beat down."