There is a big difference between "trusting God" and "being unprepared".

Have you ever found yourself in a setting with children and you were utterly unprepared to teach and to lead?

I sure have.

It was an experience that I am excited NEVER to experience again!

1. Take a Little Time...Trust me!

Have you committed to serve in children's ministry?  Put in the time to be in the best place you can to be used by God. Be committed to becoming acquainted with the lesson and the Bible passage you are seeking to communicate.  We are fools to walk in to a setting with kids unprepared.

There is a big difference between "trusting God" and "being unprepared".  Being unprepared and just "winging it" is not a good showing of trust in God, it is just laziness.

2. Be a Learner

You cannot give that which you yourself don't personally own!  If you commit to reading the word of God, you will grow. Study to show yourself approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed, who correctly handles the word of truth.

Studies show that rates of retention climb to 90% of what we teach. Some of the greatest learning I have had is when I have thoroughly prepared to teach others.

So many adults tell me, "I am sure that God is teaching me more than these kids are learning!"  Probably true.

3. Time + Consistency = Growth

Read the word.  The Holy Spirit is the greatest teacher.   Time plus consistency of any behavior WILL yield results.   I can confidently say that sticking to preparing yourself will benefit not only yourself, but also the kids you serve.

How committed are you to preparing yourself to be used by God?  Are you prepared for His movement and leading during a teaching time or will you be flustered and lack confidence as you shuffle through the lesson?


What is your solution to the preparation process?  Comment below!