Helping Parents Win at Home

You Will Learn:

  • Do Ministry With a New Approach

  • Provide Quality Experiences in Homes

  • Maintain Your Momentum

  • Maintain Your Budget

  • Maintain Your Sanity

  • Lead During Lockdowns

  • A Covid-Friendly Approach

Church-Supported Family-Led Gospel Shared

Our Guarantee to You

Gospel Guarantee

The Good News of Jesus Christ is Shared Every Day.

  • Gospel Shared in Memorable Ways.
  • Auditory, Social, Musical Learning.
  • Visual, Hands-On, Emotional learning.

Educationally Rich

Powerful Science Experiences Using Household Items

  • S.T.E.M. Based.
  • Tutorial Driven.
  • Household Items.

Home-Based, Parent-Led

A Doable Plan for a Stay-at-Home, Spiritual Experience.

  • Empower Parents.
  • Simple to Lead.
  • Educationally Rich.

Simple Licensing

Equip Families. Impress Your Pastor. Save Your Budget.

  • Bulk Licenses.
  • Content Sent Directly to Families.
  • Low Prices.

Two Great Options for Families

How it Works:

Church Supported

Family Led

What Church Leaders are Saying

Michayla White

Executive Director of the International Network of Children's Ministry

“This resource is powerful because it allows church leaders to come alongside the home in a powerful way! Parents will be able to confidently lead their children through each Bible-rich and FUN session, and leaders will be encouraged to see how the family grows closer to God and each other through this experience! Simple, powerful, approachable, affordable... it's a no brainer solution for effective summer discipleship!”

Ryan Frank

KidMin Nation, KidzMatter Magazine, KidMin Academy

“Faith Lab @ Home is the perfect solution for Kids Pastors to support families in this new season of ministry. Are you looking for a Stay-At-Home-VBS...? This is it.”

Brian Dollar

Full-time Children’s Pastor, Creator of High Voltage Kids Ministry

“This resource is a God-send to families! The depth of the content combined with the ease and energy of the program makes this a HOME RUN!”

Esther Moreno

Founder of Child's Heart, Radio Show Host

“Kidmin Science does it again. Faith Labs@Home is an amazing tool for churches and parents alike to enrich the faith lives of their children in fun, easy, and engaging ways. A dynamic cost efficient tool guaranteed to bring the family together!”

Deanna Peacock

Children’s Ministry. Southwest Christian Church

“The idea of not having a VBS this summer was not something I could even fathom. Then I saw Faith Lab @ Home. It is THE perfect option for this summer. FL@H gave me a practical and engaging solution, alleviating my anxiety, on how to reach families in our church and community.”

Ricardo Miller

Life Management Coach, International Speaker

“Faith Labs@Home is a game changer for children and families. It's where the church and families collide. This innovative tool puts the parents in the driver seat of their children's faith in a way that's easy and fun.”

Karl Bastian

Full-time Children’s Pastor and Founder of Kidology

“WOW! I’ve used The Amazing Chemistry Show VBS, hosted the Family Experience and even brought Josh in to visit our local school - but NOW, you can have Josh’s Amazing teaching in your own home! It’s too good to be true! What an incredible gift to your families!”