Welcome to Faith Lab @ Home - Season 2! We want to help families connect, find joy in spending time together, and support parents as they lead their children in faith.

Our vision: "Cool Science, Made Easy, Reach People."

Click a lesson and follow 5 simple steps. It's that easy - and fun! Let's get started.

Scripture Music - Get Up! Get Moving! Download the MP3’s in the bonus material.

Science Devotion - Open in Prayer. Watch the video. Discuss the questions.

Sink or Float – Keep track of all points. Stand or Sit. Make this section an ongoing family contest.

Science Projects – Scroll down to see what household items are needed for the session's Science Project

Would You Rather – Have fun voting for which thing they would rather do...or avoid!

Faith Lab @ Home Season 2 Lessons


"Because U R Young" Worship Leading

"Because U R Young" Song Actions

Science Devotion

Powerfully Invisible

Read and Discuss:

Main Spiritual Point: Though I cannot see God, I can see what He does and I can feel His presence.

Bible Verse: “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” John 3:8

Question: Look out the window. Can you see wind? Do you see the leaves on the trees moving? Can you see God? Can you see what God does?

Sink or Float Contest

How to Play:

Stand if you think it will float! Sit if you think it will sink! Keep track of points!

Summer Sausage


Science Project

Candy Bridge

Supplies Needed:

  • 100 toothpicks
  • 1 box of Dots candy

Would You Rather

Get your kids talking and laughing, and spark some interesting conversations about personalities, preferences, dreams, and fears! Click to play the short video, and hit pause after Josh asks, "Would you rather...." Let every family member share before you "unpause" and hear the next "Would you rather..." selection.


Download Season 2 Music

Science Activity Book

“I Want My Kids to Argue” E-Book

Parent Recharge Video

Passing the Potatoes

Synopsis: One of the most important things a family can do together, to increase the likelihood that children will stay connected to Christ when they leave the home, is to eat dinner together. Children are able to discuss important life issues, including spiritual matters, at the dinner table.

#1 - Recall - What is one thing you can do as a family to increase the likelihood of a child following Christ after they leave the home?

#2 – Reflection - How can establishing a connectedness at dinner time impact your family?

#3 - Response - How can you intentionally begin establishing a relational family dinner time?

#4 - Right Now - What are you doing right now to increase the likelihood that your children will stay connected to Christ?