‘Josh's show was presented in a very professional and appealing manner. The colorful display of science equipment really grabbed people's attention right away. Then Josh himself held everyone's attention throughout the show. He did a great job of tailoring the show for our audience.’

- Marilyn

PTO Coordinator, Waterloo Christian School

‘This is one of the best assemblies our school has ever had. The information was educational, interactive, and tied to character building. It held the attention of all students from beginning to end. Josh spoke loud and clear, was funny, and got the whole audience involved. This was truly one of the best shows we have ever seen.’

- Michelle

‘Exceptional show!! We had two shows with The Traveling Science Center in between. I have received many comments about how great of a show this was and that we need to have them come back. The show was exactly what I wanted and more. Well with the money!!!!!!’

- Ed

‘You don't find too many quality shows like this one. I would HIGHLY recommend The Amazing Chemistry Show to everyone. It is an exceptional show! Josh Denhart is a very organized, positive, upbeat person who is very easy to work with. He loves the Lord and the salvation message to his audience in a clear, easily understandable way.’

- Jill

Homeschool Retreat Coordinator

‘Josh Denhart and the Amazing Chemistry Show was a huge success in our community full of engineers and scientists. There was variety, levels of complexity and just plain fun activities to do during the hands-on event. The final show was informative, humorous and inspiring. Every church and school should look into this amazing opportunity.’

- Autumn Ridge Church, Rochester MN

‘The way the Josh captivates the audience and portrays the Gospel is amazing! Through solutions bubbling over, color changes, freezing objects, explosions, and explanations of events, our students look forward to what Josh is going to bring every year. He has great excitement and amazing lessons to share. What a wonderful ministry that God has given to this man to use. I would recommend the Amazing Chemistry Show to anybody!’

- Ryan

Camp Hidden Acres Program Director

‘The chemistry show is a great way to get the family together, a time of learning and fun. His ability to keep science light and fun yet entertaining is a nice fresh approach. My kids loved it - ages 9-18. We talked about it all the way home!’

- Ryan

Leader, Calvary Baptist Church

‘Josh has an uncanny ability to draw in the attention of not only kids of all ages, but their parents and grandparents as well. A great show for someone who knows nothing about science as well as the university chemistry professor sitting in the crowd. Makes learning, and hearing God's Word, so much fun you don't know you're learning!’

- Dustin

Upward Flag Football Ceremony

‘This is one of the best family camp speakers we have ever had.. Josh Denhart uses a wonderful display of his chemistry knowledge and blends it together with Biblical wisdom; we have made "The Amazing Chemistry Show" a regular for family camps. Great for the entire family!’

- Earl

Executive Director of Hidden Acres Camp

‘Josh Denhart's Amazing Chemistry Show is not only very entertaining, but more importantly, his illustrations of Bible truths are rock-solid. He certainly creates chemistry with his audience, and he also leaves them impressed with the spiritual principle being illustrated. I've seen others whose "show" overwhelms the truth; Josh is different; his spiritual applications come through clearly, and demonstrates a well-thought out Biblical foundation and application. He makes truth explode (sometimes, literally) with meaning!’

- Larry Fowler

AWANA's Executive Director of Global Networking

‘In 30 years as an English teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, and superintendent, Josh Denhart is THE finest teacher of my experience. His intellect, creativity, passion, effective questions, unique illustrations, exciting experimentation, and tremendous educational applications engage audiences of all kinds. I could watch his chemistry show a hundred times and always be excited about the content and methodologies. If you want kids to be excited about science, schedule Josh Denhart.’

- Dr. Bob Stouffer

Superintendent Des Moines Christian School

‘The Amazing Chemistry show is a great way to share the Gospel with children from different cultures. It is very easy way to invite friends from diverse backgrounds and cultures to learn about Jesus and have fun! The hands-on experiences were awesome for non-English speaking children to see, participate in and enjoy. The best part is that the Gospel was portrayed in a fun, understandable and enjoyable way, even to kids who do not speak English.’

- Denise

Freedom for Youth Ministries Staff

‘I felt like a kid again watching his chemistry shows. His ability to weave God's word, science, and enthusiasm into a mix that attracts adults and kids of all ages alike is a true gift.’

- Jen