Classroom Videos for Rotations

Preview these videos that will be shown during classroom rotations. If you do not currently have a room assignment, you will receive one soon, or on the day of the event.

The "Day of Science" is a series of highly engaging science experiences for schools, where hands-on, inquiry-based scientific exploration captures the hearts and minds of our students without leaving the building.

Teachers rave about this all day experience. "It was better than any field trip we have ever taken... It was like the field trip came... to us! All the materials were provided to us and we (the teachers) just facilitated the process. The kids loved it" Strategically placing "The Day of Science" can turn a typically challenging day on the school calendar, into the most memorable day of your year! Schools often use this powerful and fun-filled day of science engagement on "one of those days of the year" when student engagement wains. Josh has facilitated the "Day of Science" with schools over 1,000 students, with 40 individual classrooms simultaneously rotating through a well-defined and seamless day of engagement. Regardless of the school size, the "Day of Science" will prove to be a powerfully memorable experience.