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Overwhelm With Excellence

I think an important value that we should subscribe to in a ministry setting is excellence. For far too long, I have seen quality take a back seat to expediency. Getting it done has eclipsed getting it done well. Over the years it has been a sad stain on so many ministries to see them [...]

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Measure Twice, Cut Once

Over the years I have been friends with many carpenters. For some reason, God has placed many different individuals in the construction industry in my life. I hung out with them and I sought to try to learn their trade, really to no avail. I’m just not a handy guy! Regardless, I learned something very [...]

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Hurt People Hurt People

I’ve been in ministry for long enough to understand that when someone hurts another person it’s often because they themselves are hurting. When someone seeks to hurt you as the pastor, either consciously or subconsciously, there is often something deeper at play. The issue is not the issue.  What they are presenting is likely not the [...]

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He Who Chases Two Rabbits

I have seen ministry leaders be less effective because they are chasing too many rabbits at once. In my backyard I have plenty of rabbits. I don’t like them. However, it is often fun when my young children try to chase and catch a rabbit. As you well know, they never catch the rabbit. A [...]

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God's Word is Gripping

One of the most important things to be passionate about is the communication of God’s Word. All the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the children's pastor can never eclipse the beauty of God’s word.  The Bible should not take a secondary place to order, organization, volunteers or check-in systems. Keep the main thing, the main [...]

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