Promise Little, Produce Much.

All of us in ministry desire to please the people that we shepherd. Part of pleasing them involves letting them know what we want to do, our future vision, and future ideas. As these ideas and visions are shared, people begin to attach and latch on to those things that you bring to the table. [...]

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Leading yet No One is Following

If you think you are leading and yet no one is following, you are just taking a walk. Emotional intelligence is a key characteristic in any leadership role. Understanding people and understanding the nuanced ways to see whether or not people are following your leadership is a critical role in the ministry. A leader needs [...]

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Know Thyself

St. Augustine said to “Know Thyself” What type of a leader are you? One of the most important things you can do for the health and benefit of the ministry that you lead is to know yourself. Do you understand your SHAPE for ministry? SHAPE is a wonderful acronym that stands for Spiritual Gifts, Heart, [...]

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Identify the Faithful Few

Identify the faithful few in your ministry and invite them to greater involvement. There are many categories of people that you serve with in your ministry area. Can you identify individuals that you could call to greater levels of involvement? Before you identify the faithful few in your ministry ready to be called for greater [...]

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Don't Oversell the Sacrifice

When recruiting, don’t oversell the sacrifice. Share the opportunity to make an impact on the Kingdom of God. So many leaders walk into the recruiting conversation apologetic and sheepish. They come to the conversation feeling like they are a bad person that is taking something away from this potential volunteer. As they present their ideas, [...]

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Does your Strategy Clarify Opportunities or do New Opportunities Constantly Redefine your Strategy?

Ministry leaders can easily fall prey to shiny, silver objects. It is all too easy to be taken off track and derailed from a very critical strategy simply because a shiny object has appeared in the periphery.  When you begin to pursue this peripheral opportunity, you get yanked off track. Think of your strategy as [...]

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