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Treat Your Volunteers

Treat your volunteers as if they were the staff team you want to have in five years. Many, many years ago the senior leadership in my church asked me to take on the Director of Children’s Ministry role. As I prayed about accepting this role, I realized that I knew about some details of this [...]

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Vulnerability is the Key to Community

Everybody wants community. We were created to be in community. Isolation is one of the worst forms of punishment that can ever be executed upon a human being. Solitary confinement is torture. There is beauty and health and healing found in community. If community is a beautiful treasure and a prize behind a locked door, [...]

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Those who Say and Those who Do

We’ve often heard individuals share at length, droning on and on and on, about what they would like to see happen and yet those items never come to fruition. They never truly see the light of day and we never see those items being executed. Before long, those who are following such a leader begin [...]

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The Whole Thing is about the Gospel

Early in children’s ministry, a wise leader warned me that the detail and disorder and drama that comes with the sheer volume of tasks needed to run a children’s ministry can quickly eclipse the Gospel. The whole point of recruiting is to further the Gospel. The whole point of having a well-staffed nursery is to [...]

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Smile More

I think one of the most important leadership principals that we can ever adopt is simply to smile more. Now if you are a librarian, my apologies, but I have a concept that I call a Yes Face and a Librarian Face. The Yes Face The Yes Face is someone who is vibrant and inviting. [...]

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Simply Say Thanks

It blows my mind how many leaders don’t understand the value of appreciation. Appreciation can come in many forms, but I want to speak right now to simply saying thank you. It's a simple phrase that we were taught at a very young age — thank you. Over the years, I have been completely blown [...]

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