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Serving Together as a Family - Part 1

Studies clearly show that “serving together as a family” is vitally important in the faith journey of a child. As a KidMin leader, I am highly invested in how parents are spiritually leading their children. I interviewed several families who consistently served with their kids. I asked them, “Why do you serve with your family?” Here [...]

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It's About the Gospel

Each year churches plan, prepare, pray and pull off a summer outreach using three familiar letters: V.B.S. Each summer, thousands of churches boldly reach out to their community and tens of thousands of kids are impacted by Vacation Bible School. How do you spell work?  VBS. VBS doesn’t happen on it’s own. Those glitter-covered block [...]

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The Great Exchange

Some time ago, I took up swimming as exercise.  Swimming, like other athletic activities increases one's need for oxygen. Normally, breathing is a very natural and even subconscious event that we do not even think about. But not with swimming.  In swimming, the first thing that I had to learn what was called the "exchange" [...]

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Overcoming Spiritual Paralysis

Have you ever had a feeling of spiritual paralysis?  I have felt stuck.  I have felt like something was wrong. It was like I was somehow out of step with the Lord.  I felt a sense of being paralyzed.  Spiritually paralyzed.  Paralysis is non-movement.  Physical paralysis may be caused by a physical malady.  In the [...]

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Volunteers and the Golden Goose

What was an animal in the ancient biblical culture?  An animal helped to get the job done, and without it, the laborer would be seriously hindered in his capability to produce.  A fool mistreats his animal out of shortsightedness, not realizing this animal ultimately makes his life easier.  Without this animal, the job simply would [...]

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The Gift of the Sabbath

Galatians 6:6 says, “Do not grow weary in doing good…” Part of not growing weary in doing good is exercising God's provision for rest.  The Sabbath day should not thought of as a "punitive command". The Sabbath is not burdensome. The Gift of Six not Seven God could have demanded seven days of work out [...]

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The Trap of the Clean Stall

In ministry we think, "If you want a job done right, do it yourself." You may avoid messes, but you have just stepped into the "Trap of the Clean Stall". Proverbs 14:4 reads, "Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but much increase comes by the strength of the ox." In the ancient [...]