Truth:  75% of strong evangelical kids left the church between ages 18 and 29.  I’m most interested in what took place in the 25% who stayed.   One factor present in someone staying was the  influence of another adult who believe the same thing as mom and dad.

Diversifying Influence

At some point, kids are not going to want to talk to mom and dad as much as another adult. This may not happen until late junior high or high school.  Yet sets the groundwork for the role of a significant adult starts in elementary school.  I want my kids to hear the message Christ, the same message that I’m passionately seeking to place in their lives, from someone else besides me. This is truly a team effort.

Look No Further: The Church

Personally, I think the single greatest place for another significant adult to exert influence in my kids is through the local church.  We have had the privilege of some great and consistent leaders in our kids’ lives over the years.   In the formidable years of preschool, elementary, and upper elementary, I want my kids to sense that church is a safe place. Consistent church attendance sends a message to you entire family about what you value.  Your kids will find other people who believe what you believe, granting credibility to the message you desperately want them to believe.

Celebrating a Shift of Influence

When my children were small, it was likely that the majority of their learning and inputs came from me as their parent.  Yet it is beautiful when I see my kids learning things from the Scriptures from another significant adult.  I love it when my kids say, "Yeah, I learned that in Sunday school."  Or  "Yeah my small group leader shared this with me."   Church is one of the most likely places for you to find another significant adult in your kid’s life.  Be consistent.  Go to church.  Establish a grace-base, yet non-negotiable pattern for your life.