God is searching the earth for someone that he can strongly support. He’s looking for someone upon whom he can show himself faithful.  How beautiful it would be if I were that person.   The person who literally catches God’s eye as he spans across the entire globe.  I want to be the type of person that God sees as someone he could strongly support.

Expect God's Support

In your role as a parent, eagerly look to the Lord to make powerful movements in the lives of your kids and take assertive actions to see Christ formed in your kids.  Pray to this end. Pray that God would show up and do his part in the process of your ministry to your kids in your very own home. God is faithful in parenting.

God's Job and My Job

I’m not in the heart changing business. That is God’s job. But it is my job to expectantly await God to change the hearts of my children. God is in the heart changing business.  I am only in the faithfulness business. I need to be faithful read God’s word to my kids, I need to be faithful prepare special times for family time, I need to be faithful to share God’s truth at just the right time and I need to cultivate a heart that is completely his.

God is Searching

I need God’s strong support as a parent.  I want him to look over the masses of people on planet earth and see the eyes of my heart looking toward Him.  The eyes of the Lord are searching.   He is looking to strongly support someone. Be someone that God is pleased to strongly support.