The following is concerning an agreement between The Amazing Chemistry Show and in (referred to as "Host") for services to be rendered on booked One Hour Show

Show Information:


Church Name:

Contact Town, State:

Show Date: June 17th, 2024

One Hour Show = $

Travel Cost: ( miles x $0.56/mile) = $

Lodging ($150/night) = $

Cost Before Discount: $

Show % Discount: %

Total Show Amount = $

Additional Show Notes (if any):

The Amazing Chemistry Show will:

  1. Perform a chemistry show stage production
  2. Arriveat least 60 minutes prior to the stated start of the show
  3. Provide stage tables and chemicals, pull-up banners, stage props
  4. Provide a DVD/mp4 of cartoons as intro to show
  5. Provide a resource/sales table, cash drawer, training for volunteers and resources.
  6. Provide an iPod and all needed patch cords for music
  7. Provide winning promotional strategies + 60-day event support e-mail campaign + provide access to a membership download site for all digital resources.
  8. Pray for this event.

The Host will:

  1. Be responsible for stage lighting, sound, audio monitoring during the stage show
  2. Provide:
    1. (2) red carnation
    2. (2) banana (the fruit)
    3. (1) lined trash can at the presentation site.
    4. (1) Mylar, star-shaped, 12-inch balloon, filled with helium (preferably gold, silver or white)
    5. (2) eight foot tables for sales/resource table
    6. (1) gallon distilled water (or 3 standard drinking water bottles), room temperature
  3. Provide media projection for playing opening cartoons.
  4. Provide (2) two volunteers to run resource/sales table 30 min before and 45 min after show
  5. Provide (2) two able bodied assistants to unload/reload 60 minutes before and after show
  6. Print/sign/return this agreement
  7. Provide ½ the payment as deposit ($). (In the event that the host is forced to cancel for any reason (other than an act of God), the deposit will be forfeited in its entirety. These reasons could include, but are not limited to, low anticipated attendance, internal or external scheduling conflict, lack of promotion, miscommunication between host church staff, host church staffing changes, etc.In the event that an agreed upon act of God should occur, the event host will have 9 months from the date of the original event to reschedule without penalty. Beyond this 9-month period, the deposit will be forfeited. An agreed upon act of God could include extreme weather, national health emergency, community shut down, etc.)
  8. Provide remaining payment ($) on the day of the show, prior to the show.
  9. Be responsible for all promotion
  10. Pray for this event.

Please make your check out to:

The Amazing Chemistry Show, Inc.

Mail check to:

Josh Denhart
945 40th St
West Des Moines, IA 50265