The following is concerning an agreement between The Amazing Chemistry Show and in (referred to as "Host") for services to be rendered on booked One Hour Show

Show Information:


Church Name:

Contact Town, State:

Show Date: September 28th, 2022

One Hour Show = $

Travel Cost: ( miles x $0.56/mile) = $

Lodging ($100/night) = $

Cost Before Discount: $

Show % Discount: %

Total Show Amount = $

Additional Show Notes (if any):

The Amazing Chemistry Show will:

  1. Perform achemistry show stage production
  2. Arriveat least 60 minutes prior to the stated start of the show
  3. Provide stage tables and chemicals, pull-up banners, stage props
  4. Provide a DVD/mp4 of cartoons as intro to show
  5. Provide a resource/sales table, cash drawer, training for volunteers and resources.
  6. Provide an iPod and all needed patch cords for music
  7. Provide winning promotional strategies + 60-day event support e-mail campaign + e-book “How to Host a Chemistry Show!” + provide access to a membership download site for all digital resources.
  8. Pray for this event.

The Host will:

  1. Be responsible for stage lighting, sound, audio monitoring during the stage show
  2. Provide:
    1. (2) red carnation
    2. (2) banana
    3. (1) lined trash can at the presentation site.
    4. (1) Mylar, star-shaped 18- or 24-inch balloon, filled with helium (preferably gold, silver or white)
    5. (2) eight foot tables for sales/resource table
    6. (1) gallon distilled water (or 3 standard drinking water bottles), room temperature
  3. Provide media projection for playing opening cartoons.
  4. Provide (2) two volunteers to run resource/sales table 30 min before and 45 min after show
  5. Provide (2) two able bodied assistants to unload/reload 60 minutes before and after show
  6. Print/sign/return this agreement
  7. Provide ½ the payment as deposit ($), (In the event that the host is forced to cancel, for whatever reason, the deposit will be forfeited in its entirety)
  8. Provide remaining payment ($) on the day of the show, prior to the show.
  9. Be responsible for all promotion
  10. Pray for this event.

Please make the check out to:

The Amazing Chemistry Show, Inc.

Please send the check to:

Josh Denhart
945 40th St
West Des Moines, IA 50265