Introduction to the Day of Science

What is The Day of Science?

A Success Story!

Preparing for the Day of Science

Items You MUST Do

After watching the above video, download and print the "Administrator Checklist".  Next, move through the tabs: "Must Do", "Should Do" and "Could Do".  Inside each tab, you will find "+" symbols.  By clicking these symbols, you will find important content to review and download.

Download Administrator Checklist

Download the videos and place the specific video for the specific rotation on the desktop of district computers. Do NOT play the videos off thumb drives.

Download Videos

Print worksheets according to the number needed for each activity.  The title of each worksheet file will indicate the number of copies needed/student.

Download Worksheets

Master Schedule

Download Master Schedule

Create a Master Schedule of Day of Science using this editable Excel template.  This Master Schedule will determine which videos are to be loaded on which computers and teacher locations throughout the day.

Teacher Schedule

Download Teacher Schedule

Use the completed Master Schedule to create individual teacher schedules from this editable Word document. Providing individualized teacher timelines is far easier for instructors to navigate than the Master Schedule on the day of the event.

Securing Volunteers

Securing volunteers for our Day of Science is a critical step both for the success of the event as well as positive parent/community engagement.  The three volunteer categories exist: (1) Set Up/Tear Down (2) Project Helpers (3) Hospitality. Download the volunteer cards, print them front/back on card stock and begin a simple campaign for securing helpers!

Download Job Descriptions

Items You SHOULD Do

Watch the video above.  Click on the "+" symbols below.  By clicking these "+" symbols, you will find important content to review and download.

Email Teacher Information Flier

Teacher Informational Sheet, Side 1

Teacher Informational Sheet, Side 2

Send the teachers and staff an email with the “Teacher Information Flier” attached.  This document provides the basics of The Day of Science.  In addition, consider sending an example master and individual teacher schedule to gain teacher understanding and initial buy-in.

Download Teacher Information Flier

Schedule a Teacher Meeting

While it is not imperative, consider scheduling a short teacher meeting prior to The Day of Science.  Typically, Josh arrives the day before our event to set up, prepare and hold a brief face-to-face meeting with the staff.  This meeting is short, to the point and allows teachers ask questions and gain reassurance.  If a face-to-face meeting is not a possibility, consider scheduling a brief video conference call with Josh

Items You COULD Do

Watch the video above.  Click on the "+" symbols below.  By clicking these "+" symbols, you will find important content to review and download.

Invite School District Officials

The Day of Science is a wonderful opportunity to invite the school board and district officials to this amazing S.T.E.M. extravaganza.  Send a simple email with a brief description of the event, the date, time and location and be sure to include the graphically rich digital flier to district officials and school board.

Download District Officials Invitation

Invite a Photographer

Invite the District Media person or a parent with a REALLY nice camera to document this amazing day through photography!  These wonderful images could be used to celebrate this event at a parent open house, at the next school board meeting or through social media.  Prior to making this decision, please refer to your district's policy for photographing students.

Download Picture + Video Shot Sheet

Invite Local Media

Invite local media outlets to cover the Day of Science at your school.  This one-of-a-kind event is perfect for local media outlets to provide a wonderful “Feel Good” story about your school.  We have created several professionally created "Pitch Letters" you can use to gain easy entrance with local radio, TV or newspapers.

Pitch Letters

Leverage Social Media

Leverage the power of social media to engage parents and the community about the Day of Science!  Utilize pre-made and graphically rich images to post on your school social media platforms leading up to the event, on the day of the event and the day after the Day of Science!

Download Social Media Pictures

Take Home Postcard

Leverage the school/home connection by printing graphically rich postcards to send home with your students, providing parents with a ready-made conversation starter about The Day of Science.

Download Take Home Postcard