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Our Guarantee to You

Every Day Gospel Guarantee

The Good News of Jesus Christ shared every day. Not just day 4.

  • Gospel Shared Daily through All Educational Modalities
  • Auditory, Social, Musical Learning
  • Visual, Hands-On, Emotional learning

No Lame Craft Commitment

Science Projects Rule! Lame Crafts Drool. We Make Science Cool.

  • Powerfully Engaging Projects Instead of Weak VBS Crafts
  • Tutorial Driven for Ease of Implementation!
  • Age Appropriate Levels: Pre-School, Elementary, Upper Elementary

The One Price Promise

1 Flat Fee for All Curricular Materials, Videos, Music & Leader Books

  • Why Pay More for Add-Ons and Upgrades?
  • 100% Digital Download
  • Make and Distribute as many copies as you want!
  • Rights to Distribute All Music Tracks to All Kids!

Simple & Straightforward

A Killer VBS Program Should NOT Kill You and Your Team.

  • We Make it Easy
  • The - Ready, Set, Go - Leadership Plan
  • Easy Rotational Model
  • Over 40 Training Videos!
  • 11 Leader Books + Training Video for Each area

Science VBS Overview

periodic table



"God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God."

2 Corinthians 5:21

Daily Devotion

He Takes Up Our Sins” - An amazingly memorable science experience that illustrates the power of absorption, transpiration and beautifully illustrates the scriptural passage in 2nd Corinthians 5:21. This powerful illustration will stick in the hearts and minds of kids for a lifetime!

The Hidden Message” - A sweet science twist allows for a secret and hidden message that illustrates God's perfect timing to reveal His plan for salvation. God kept the plan for saving the world hidden for thousands of years, only revealing hints. But at just the right time, He revealed His master plan!

Daily Science Project

Span the Gap!”Work hard! Work as teams! Construct a sweet truss bridge that spans three feet. Use common, household items to make a not-so-common-structure! The "Step-by-Step" tutorial video makes this science project a breeze. This is NOT your typical lame craft...It is a real science project!



"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."

Hebrews 11:1

Daily Devotion

The Almighty Can Crusher” - Bring awe and surprise with this simple science illustration using household materials. No one will see this illustration coming as you easily amaze both kids and volunteers. Do it over and over for maximum impact. Kids will consider the invisible and almighty hand of God with this unforgettable illustration.

Powerfully Invisible” - A hilarious science illustration that will have kids squealing with delight and amazement! This illustration allows for active learners and will have all kids yelling, "Do it to me...Do it to me!" This Science Devotion is simple to perform but is high on impact...literally!

Daily Science Project

Taking Flight”Learn a brief history of flight and then kids build their very own airplane! Kids choose from three different airplane styles with seven different graphically rich designs. Simple to follow directions and a straightforward tutorial video allows for easy construction. Each airplane will then be put to the test with two different challenges! This Science Project will not only wow the kids, it will wow their parents!



 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Matthew 5:14-16

Daily Devotion

Secret Crystal Symbols” - Learn about the secret symbols used by early believers in the first century. Learn how early believers sought to support one another in a time of ever increasing persecution. This simple but profound lesson will allow kids a special item to take home and keep forever! Learn the power of being an influence and the blessing of being influenced by fellow believers!

Good Works Shine” - Jesus wants our lights to shine! Kids love to mix solutions in test tubes! This amazing illustration uses "chem-illumination" and will grab the attention of all involved. This simple illustration will transform the hearts of kids when they consider the powerful reaction: Believers + Good Works = Influence for Christ

Daily Science Project

Tower Power” Learn a brief history of tower building and feats of engineering wonders through the ages. People have always wanted to build toward the clouds. Students work as teams and build a remarkably unforgettable tower...! Learn about complex 3D geometric shapes and how they are simple to build! This science project is ultra fun and amazingly memorable.



"No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

1st Corinthians 10:13

Daily Devotion

Bendable Bones” - Learn some deep spiritual truths from the life of David and how our confessed sin as believers affects not only our hearts but our bodies as well. This unconventional science illustration will leave a deep impression on all learners!

Chemical Counterfeits” - Do not be tempted! Not all friendships in the Christian life will produce a fruitful walk with Jesus! Learn the valuable lesson that while all relationships may look alike, they may not produce the type of relational reaction we want for our lives as believers!

Daily Science Project

The Classic Egg Drop Challenge” Ready...Set...Drop it! Learn the brief history of Crash Test Dummies and apply the valuable lessons Crash Test Dummies taught engineers and scientists about making cars safer. With common household items, students will build their own safety structure and protect their own precious cargo!



"However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” the things God has prepared for those who love him."—

Daily Devotion

The Water Bottle Surprise” - A hilarious little science gimmick that reminds us of the truths found in 2nd Corinthians 2:9. God has big surprises in store for all who believe. This little surprise is not only fun and spiritually educational it is sure to bring a soaking surprise!

The Blind Spot” - Our eyes inform our brains. Our brains influence our hearts. What our eyes focus upon makes all the difference! This astounding science activity will stop learners of all ages right in their tracks. Learn some interesting science facts about the human body and learn an invaluable spiritual truth.

Daily Science Project

Float Your Boat” Learn the science behind buoyancy and water displacement in this classic engineering exploration. Put your learning to the test and explore the basic principles behind boat building. This activity is a hit with learners of all ages! Bring your best game and learn to Float Your Boat!

Biblical truth + hands-on science exploration make for unforgettable faith lessons, enhanced by powerful wrap-up videos!

  • 10 Science Devotional Videos (High Resolution and Standard Resolution)
  • Small Group Leaders “Spiritual Lab Manual”
  • Extensive directions and tips for devotional supply gathering
periodic table

Kids do real science as real scientists. Two age appropriate versions of every project make science fun for preschool and elementary students. Video tutorials make projects engaging for kids and a breeze for volunteers!

  • 10 Science Project Videos (5 preschool and 5 elementary versions) (High Resolution and Standard Resolution)
  • Extensive directions and tips for project supply gathering
  • Science Project worksheets
  • 10-page science coloring book file

Daily verse memorization made easy with scripture songs featuring Lantern Music. Make copies of all the songs for every volunteers and every child - for FREE! Includes worship song action videos and professional music videos.

  • Daily verse memorization made easy with scripture songs featuring Lantern Music.
  • Make copies of all the songs for every volunteer and every child - for FREE!
  • Includes worship song action videos and professional music videos.

You get it all! VBS Director manual + ten specialized leader guides for every area of your program! Free access to over 70 exclusive “Training Without the Meeting” YouTube videos to send to your busy leaders!

  • VBS Director Manual
  • 10 specialized leader guides for every area of your program!
  • Promotional Leader Guide (includes all promo files of all sizes!)
  • Free access to over 70 exclusive “Training Without the Meeting” YouTube videos to send to your busy leaders!

Science-inspired snacks, science-themed games, crazy-science skits, amazing videos, engaging laboratory set-designs, faith-and-family take home cards and so much more...!

  • Small Group Leader Guide + “Spiritual Lab Manual” packed with scripture
  • Game Leader Guide (includes 5 science-themed games!)
  • Science Project Leader Guide
  • Skit and Drama Leader Guide (includes 15 skits + training guide!)
  • Snack Leader Guide
  • Science Devotional Leader Guide
  • Large Group Worship Coordinator Guide
  • Decoration and Set Design Leader Guide (includes 10 hi-res poster files!)
  • Technological Leader Guide
Yes! Science VBS is a 100% digitally downloadable curriculum. When you join Science VBS, you get access to a well-organized membership site where you can access all the content, including all videos, all leader books, all promotional material – you get it all. The best part is you can make and distribute as many copies as you want! In addition, you can save in printing costs by simply sending your key leaders digital files of all they need. You get access to this site for 365 days and can download content to two different computers.
The science devotion items are around $60 for every 30 students in rotation. I provide you three different websites where you can purchase the science devotion items. These are the same websites that I myself would use to buy these items. Rather than buying these items in bulk, storing them in my basement, marking up the price and reselling them to you, I have chosen to allow you to go directly to the source and find the best deal for you and your church. It's a win for me; it is a win for you. Most of the items needed for science projects will likely be items found in your church supply closet (popsicle sticks, toothpicks, white glue, scissors, etc.).
priceThe "One Price Promise" is our guarantee that you will not pay any additional fees to Science VBS after you purchase the download package. Unlike other publishers, who purport an "ultimate starter kit", which requires you to spend more and more of your budget on extensive and expensive add-ons and upgrades to get everything that is offered, we give all content to you for one price. I'm a full-time children's pastor, and I have never appreciated the “ultimate starter” approach. Ultimately, I am left feeling ripped off. When you purchase Science VBS, you get access to every file, video, poster, video training and more. We promise you will not pay any additional fees to Science VBS. Science Project supplies will most likely come from your church resource closet. Science Devotion supplies can be purchased from three different websites that I provide for you. These are the exact websites that I myself would use if I were purchasing these items. It's a savings for you and it's hassle-free for me. This is the "One Price Promise"

GospelThe "Every Day Gospel Guarantee" is our promise to you that each and every day of this program the good news of Jesus Christ will be clearly shared. Unlike other publishers who reserve one day, late in the week, to share the good news of Jesus Christ, Science VBS makes a solemn commitment that we will share the good news of Jesus every single day of this program. Click here for a full statement of faith (Place a link to the "meet Josh page" section about beliefs)

CraftsIf you've been in children's ministry for any length of time, you know what I mean by "Lame VBS Crafts". Your typical publisher is notorious for hokey and lame crafts that volunteers loathe, parents throw away instantly and worst of all, the craft kits are expensive. Therefore, we give you a promise. We call it the "No Lame VBS Craft Commitment". Instead of crafts, we have top quality and engaging Science Projects. Volunteers feel these projects are valuable. And the best part? Kids literally keep these projects and parents are impressed.

basic elements rotational model
Yes! Science VBS is built around a 3-hour rotational model. Explore the model here! We also provide you with several variations and suggestions for a shorter or longer timeframe. In other words, the curriculum is completely modifiable to meet your teams needs, timeframe, and physical layout of your church.
Absolutely! We provide you with three different and age-appropriate science projects for all ages. As an example, on day one, the Science Project is “Ready, Set, Rockets”. We have three unique “Ready, Set, Rocket” Science Projects, each tailored for specific age ranges. We provide you with age-appropriate versions of the projects!

We provide you with four different T-shirt designs and provide you the native files of those t-shirt designs. No, you did not read that wrong! We literally provide you with the native files of all four T-shirt designs. I'm a full-time children's pastor, I have no interest in buying hundreds and hundreds of shirts, storing them in my basement, raising the price and shipping them to you. Instead, I provide you with the file type that your professional T-shirt printer needs. You can order fantastic T-shirts for a fraction of the cost that other VBS publishers charge. This is a big deal!

We provide you with a robust promotional pack that includes printable posters in every size (11x17, 8.5x14, 8.5x11, half sheet, postcard), printable banners (3'x4' and 8'x16'), promotional videos (including five, 30-second cartoons!), powerful decoration ideas, Social Media campaigns (Facebook, twitter, Instagram suggested feeds, pictures, etc.) and more. The extensive promotional and decorations leader guide provides in-depth suggestions for deeper engagement both internally to your church and externally to the community.
Yes! We provide you 15 different skits to choose from. Five skits are silly science sketches intended for laughter and fun. Five of the skits are comedic and yet spiritual in nature. Five of the skits are a hilarious dialogue between a wacky scientist and a logical funnyman. Mix and match and take your pick! The best part is that the scripts are in editable form so you can add names, change content and adjust the skit just how you want! In addition you receive a powerful skit training guide to coach, encourage and educate a live skit team. This is a great team-building process and a great education for stage presence, blocking, use of body language and more!
Yes! We provide five science themed games with an accompanying game leader guide. The leader guide provides great tips and strategies for supply gathering, set up, crowd control, and execution of a super fun, science themed game time!
Absolutely! We provide you with a wealth of science themed snack ideas that provide mid-program burst of energy for the kids and an opportunity to reinforce your cool science theme. The snacks are simple, creative, and memorable. The snack leader guide provides an easy solution for ideas, supply gathering, set up, and execution.
Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.53.10 PMYes. We have fantastic follow-up materials for families. We provide you with graphically rich take-home post-cards that allow for powerful educational and scriptural recall, discussion prompts and more. In addition, we have a powerful opportunity for churches and families called, “Science Devotions @ Home”. This fantastic e-resource is a robust devotional package that acts as an intentional follow-up to your families attending your Science VBS. Check out Science Devotions @ Home on this website!

MusicLantern Music is a scripture music worship band that has created a set of original, high-energy scripture songs. We provide you with 13 original songs with the lyrics as scripture. The founder, Andy Johnson is a full-time children’s ministry associate to 4th-6th grade students in the local church. Andy is a talented musician, jingle-writer, videographer, and sound engineer. Andy created Lantern Music with a goal in mind: make Bible memorization easy. Here is what I have found - Music can be a highway to our heads and our hearts. We all want kids to memorize the Bible. Lantern Music helps us achieve this goal - easily.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.51.26 PMAbsolutely. Find out more about “The Amazing Chemistry Show” and be sure to check out a unique 3-hour family event called “The Family Experience” on this website. I travel all over the country! I must say, however, the summer months are a hot commodity and shows book really fast! Connect with us and let’s begin the dialogue!

Simple. When you join Science VBS, you instantly receive a username and unique password. You become a member of an exclusive download site. The site is well-organized and set up for easy exploration and usability. You get access to this site for 365 days and can download content to two different computers. Download the items to your computer and you are ready to go.
Science VBS does not seek to address the age-old debate about origins. Science VBS is not a curriculum centered on apologetics. Science VBS is a fun and creative method to use Science-Inspired, Christ-Focused experiments, activities and experiences to tell the story of salvation through Jesus Christ in a memorable and engaging way.
  1. First, I have been a Children’s Pastor in the local church for over a decade. I had to find, recruit, train and educate a small army of volunteers. I get it. I am not an employee of a huge publishing house, sitting in a cubicle, wondering what it would be like to be a real children’s pastor in a local church. I know what it is like to be on staff at a church.
  2. Second I have a degree in Chemistry Education, a Masters Degree in Effective Instruction and am National Board Certified in Adolescent Young Adult Science. I am a seasoned veteran in education, curriculum writing and hold degrees in science.
  3. Third, you can rest assured that I provide No Lame VBS Crafts. I am not convinced any of the major publishers can make this claim.
  4. Finally, I give you a “One Price Promise”. I do not give you an “ultimate starter package” that requires you to pay more and more of your budget on extensive and expensive ad-ons and upgrades.