One of the most important things to be passionate about is the communication of God’s Word. All the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the children's pastor can never eclipse the beauty of God’s word.  The Bible should not take a secondary place to order, organization, volunteers or check-in systems. Keep the main thing, the main thing!  The most important task is the clear communication of the gospel.

God’s love letter to His creation is called the Bible. We should place a significant amount of energy and investment to make sure that God’s word is communicated in a fun, clear, concise, and memorable way.

Types of Leaders

Now, I have found that there are several types of leaders. Some leaders are purely administrative while other leaders are purely communicative. Some leaders dominate at details. Some leaders dominate at clear communication. Sometimes one individual can be both. Typically, an individual is either administratively gifted or they are gifted as a communicator.  Which are you?

The Gifted Administrator 

Gifted administrator need to find someone gifted at communication. Not everyone has upfront communication gifts. Find someone who is comfortable on the stage, who is vociferous, talkative, and animated.

There are several resources that you can point this individual to in order to increase their abilities as a communicator of God’s word to kids. One of those resources is The Reinvention of Sunday School by Aaron Reynolds. We need to make sure that God’s word is communicated in a fun and exciting way.  If it ain't you...find someone who can!

Gifted Communicators

If you yourself are a gifted and natural communicator, hone your skills. Gifted or "natural" communicators are prone to “winging it.”  Do NOT make this your lazy habit.  Sure you CAN stand up at any given moment and articulate yourself well.  However, clearly communicating God’s word in an exciting and impassioned way requires preparation.

Gifted communicators often slack off, knowing they are capable of speaking effectively with little to no preparation.  This is true at some level.  However, those who are naturally gifted will be surpassed by the hard-working and less gifted communicator. You will be surpassed if you rely exclusively on raw gifting.  Hard work beats talent EVERY TIME when the talented do not work hard.

Are you a dynamic communicator?  Sit down and plan how you will close your message. Many gifted communicators do not know how to "land the plane".  Gifted communicators often lack the skill of ending their talk well.  A poor ending to your message - one that circles and repeats over and over - is simply sloppy communication.  Take time and preplan your landing.

Learn to communicate God’s word in a clear, fun, and concise way.....or find someone who can!

God’s word is gripping. Share with passion.....or find someone who can!