Discovering our Spiritual Gifts can challenging.  Which gift is yours?  Which gifts are mine? Well, therein lies the challenge. Discovering your spiritual gifting is not exactly easy.

A Secret Tattoo...

It would be totally different if when you became a Christian, you were instantly given an invisible arm tattoo, containing the secret codes for your very own spiritual gifts.  It would be pretty sweet if an older and more seasoned Christian came up to you and said, “Has anyone shown you your secret message on your arm?  The one that tells you what your spiritual gifts are?  No?  Well, let me get my black light and let’s take a look so you can begin serving the Lord in your area of gifting!”

There are many ways to discover your spiritual gifts.   It may seem risky but it really is not that dangerous.  Simply, jump in and try something.  Volunteer somewhere and try something. The local church has ample opportunities to try out your abilities and see if some of those abilities are actually spiritual gifts. However, people are afraid to just jump in.

Land Drills in the 1920's

In the 1920’st The Red Cross used an interesting strategy to teach people to swim.  Swimming lessons were given "outside" of the water.  These "land-drills" were thought to be the safe way to teach people to swim.

Land Drills #2Yet over time the Red Cross made a startling discovery: “People learn to swim better in the water.”  Wow.  Novel idea!

You know, when it comes to learning what spiritual gifts God has given you, the best way is to jump right in and start trying thing out.  I can almost assure you, you will not drown.

Jump in. Get involved.  You may think you need to just cautiously get your big toe wet and test the water, but I want to encourage you.  Don’t be afraid.  Get involved.  Get in the water.  Try something out and start the discovery process about how God designed you today.


Discover the Masterpiece

The Bible says, “You are His masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God created beforehand that we should walk in them”.  Jump in.  Discover for yourself the masterpiece He has made you to be.  Begin the process of discovering the joy of partnering with God in His kingdom, through serving Him with your unique gifts.

Jump in today.