I think an important value that we should subscribe to in a ministry setting is excellence. For far too long, I have seen quality take a back seat to expediency. Getting it done has eclipsed getting it done well.

Over the years it has been a sad stain on so many ministries to see them pulled off in a subpar fashion. We have all heard “well, we’re doing it for the Lord, not for human glory.” That somehow can act as an excuse which is somewhat counterintuitive. If we are doing it for the Lord, shouldn’t we do it with even more excellence?

My question to most ministry leaders is, “Would you submit this work at a Fortune 500 company? I doubt it.” Now, some of you may push back and quickly reply, “We don’t have the resources that a fortune 500 company would have, we can only do ministry with the resources that we have.”

Intentionality and Excellence

I totally agree. Point taken. However, there is a difference between excellence and “good enough for the church type” talk. Over the years, I have watched as Christianity has created a reputation for itself of having subpar C-level work. Somehow we think that since it’s for the Lord, He understands. I don’t agree. It should cause a greater level of intentionality and excellence with the work that we produce.

Overwhelm by excellence. Do things with a layer of quality that is worthy of the name of Christ.

Add an Extra Dose

Often I cringe at messy ministry areas, at half-baked brochures and handouts, or in training meetings that are just plain old pathetic. Business leaders who are in the community and volunteer with you should not be ashamed and shake their head at your work. I personally want to do better.

Whenever anyone intersects with a ministry that I’m involved with and I am leading, I want to overwhelm by excellence. Whether it is in the PowerPoint, in the literature, the video, or an email, I want to take an extra dose of time and intentionality to make it shine.

Overwhelm by excellence. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.