Research shows one of the most important we can do to increase the likelihood that our children will stay connected to Christ once they leave our home is eat dinner as a family.   Passing on the faith may be as simple as "Pass the Potatoes".

Connection; Not Location

Listen, It is about the connection not the location. Someone may say in hopeless resignation, We NEVER eat at home our dinner table?!? So is all hope lost if you find yourself running ragged, feeling as if you know the inside of your car and the McDonald’s drive-through more than you know your own dinner table at home? I say no, hope is not lost. It’s about connection with your family not the location where that connection happens.

Kids Want More!

I am convinced that kids want more! A 2005 study found that Religious Matters was the #1 topic teens wished they could honestly discuss with their parents over dinner. Kids want substantive dialogue! They want to interact around things that really matter.

Start Slow...

My advice to us all would be to start slow by intentionally introducing a rhythm and consistent connective tenor to your dinnertime discussion. Interestingly enough, if this rhythm is consistently introduced into your meal times, before long, its absence will feel awkward and someone at your dinner table will cry out, Hey, we haven’t talked about how we saw God at work in our lives today?!?

Create a Rhythm

We are creatures of habit. Our kids are creatures of habit. Let’s seek to create the right habits during our dinner times. I am convinced it will make a supreme difference

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