Build a Mobile Ministry e-Book

Build a Mobile Ministry e-Book

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Learn the WHY and the HOW to reach outside your church walls and begin a Mobile Ministry!

It's an e-Book!

It's the plans for a Mobile Ministry Trailer!

It's FREE!


Product Description

2008 Dodge CaravanAbout 10 years ago, we had a radical idea. What if we stopped doing summer outreach that asked people to come to our church and started taking the Gospel to the lost, outside the church. We started small but we were committed to do ministry outside the walls of the church and to invite others to participate with us. We loaded up 4 different cars, hauled all we needed to inner city ministries and established a structure for mobile ministry. Each year we got better, refining our approach, tightening our systems, gaining momentum as we moved forward.  This e-book gives the plans, processes and more for you to build a mobile ministry trailer and begin reaching outside the church walls today!



In this e-book I will show:

(1) How we built a Mobile Ministry Trailer

(2) How we use the trailer to reach low income children

(3) How we use the trailer to host Block Parties.

Part 1: How to Build a Mobile Ministry Trailer

In this e-book, you are given an example of how to transform a 5’x10’ enclosed trailer into an invaluable tool for ministry. Please understand: Our children’s ministry has been doing mobile ministry for the last 8+ years out of multiple vehicles. You do NOT need a fully equipped trailer to do mobile ministry. After 8 years of faithfulness and God’s blessing, we built this trailer. It is less about the trailer and more about our heart.

Part 2: Reaching Kids Where They Are

Each summer we “bring Church” to many low rent apartment complexes, low income trailer parks, and inner city ministries working with refugees. We roll up with the trailer, provide food, fun and faith. We invite volunteers (as family units: parents and kids) to each event and utilize their gifts, abilities and lifting power. This e-book acts as a philosophical guide for why to do mobile ministry and a practical plan for how to do mobile ministry.

Part 3: Reaching Neighbors Through Block Parties

Learn how to use a block party trailer as a powerful tool for individual families to request, reserve and roll into their own neighborhood! Block Parties have been a huge way for our church to organically meet neighbors and build relationships. The response has been amazing. The order, organization and ease of use has been a fantastic tool for our church.  Learn how to make one for your ministry with the FREE e-book.


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