Planning a Family Event e-Book

Planning a Family Event e-Book

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Family Event Book Mock-UpLet’s face it. Large events effectively reach families in your community, demonstrate a strategic win for your church, but can be painful for those who working to pull them off. Large events, however, do not need to lead you to the ministerial insane asylum.


Fact: 90% of success is pre-execution.  This workbook draws out foundational questions which will guide your planning and execution in the months to come.  The "Definitive Guide to Planning a Family Event" allows you to consider critical event components well in advance.  This section offers strategic planning advice starting 6-8 months in advance of your event.


Many items for large event planning cannot happen until the week prior to your big event.  All your hard work is reaching the precipice and it is all coming together.  Follow a proven plan for executing final details.  This section offers critical tips and advice for executing the week before your big event.


The doors fly open and in walk those you have labored to serve. What will their first interactions with your church be like? Will they be met by a harried and worn-thin group of frustrated church-folk?  Your goal is to be so well-planned that you and your team can actually enjoy the event.  This section walks you and your team through specific thought exercises with a heart toward guest service.


Recovery is often the most neglected and yet a critical part of the event planning cycle. This book offers practical suggestions to plan ahead and get the needed recovery after your big event.  Learn tried-and-true tips to ensure you not only survive your event, but to thrive before, during and after.


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