How To Use Science In Ministry

How To Use Science In Ministry


Learn the WHY and the HOW to reach outside your church walls and begin to use Science in Ministry!

It's an e-Book!

It's the plans for How to use Science in Ministry!

It's FREE!


Product Description

2008 Dodge CaravanWe all entered ministry to kids to make an eternal impact. Yet there are so many competing voices, so many competing messages and so many things to distract. I entered ministry to not only make a difference but to do it in a fun way! I want to provide ministry opportunities that not only captivate kids and families but also engage volunteers. Science seems to cut through the clutter and capture the attention of human curiosity. Using science in ministry is a powerful strategy to have fun, keep it simple and reach people.




In this e-book I will show:

  • Why Use Science in Ministry?
  • Who Can Science Reach?
  • Can Someone Show Me the Way?
  • How Can YOU Do Science in Ministry?
  • When is the Best Time for Science in Ministry?
  • How Can I Use Science as  Stepping Stones in Ministry?
  • What’s Stopping You From  Doing Science in Ministry?
  • Ready to Take The Next Steps & Start Doing Science in Ministry?



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