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Our Guarantee to You

S.T.E.M. Engagement

An Entertaining Show That's NOT Just Entertainment!

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
  • Engaging Educational Enrichment
  • Standards Based
  • Reach Science, Not Edu-Tainment

A Seasoned Educator

Led by an Award-Winning, Classically Trained Educator

  • BA in Chemistry Education
  • MA in Effective Instruction
  • National Board Certified in Youth Adult/Adolescent Science

No Busing or Travel

A Field Trip that Comes to You! Save Time + Learn More!

  • We Come to You
  • High-End Learning in Your Building
  • No Wasted Time in Travel
  • Parent Volunteers Welcome

Simple Set-Up & Tear Down

A Killer Event Should NOT Kill You and Your Team.

  • Just 2 Volunteers Needed
  • Load In = 60 min
  • Load Out = 45 min
  • Detailed and Orderly Process
  • No Heavy Lifting

The Amazing Chemistry Show is a 32-foot stage production filled with fire, explosions and foam, all set to music. With audience involvement, laughter and fun, a S.T.E.M. based presentation is clearly communicated using powerful science experiments.

As a former High School Chemistry Teacher with a Masters in Effective Instruction, Josh knows the value of a quality production for communicating S.T.E.M. Learning. Josh achieved National Board Certification in Your Adult/Adolescent Science and has been nationally recognized as a science educator. Josh has been featured on Public Television broadcasts teaching science.

The "Day of Science" is a series of highly engaging science experiences for schools, where hands-on, inquiry-based scientific exploration captures the hearts and minds of our students without leaving the building.

Teachers rave about this all day experience. "It was better than any field trip we have ever taken... It was like the field trip us! All the materials were provided to us and we (the teachers) just facilitated the process. The kids loved it"

Strategically placing "The Day of Science" can turn a typically challenging day on the school calendar, into the most memorable day of your year! Schools often use this powerful and fun-filled day of science engagement on "one of those days of the year" when student engagement wains.

Josh has facilitated the "Day of Science" with schools over 1,000 students, with 40 individual classrooms simultaneously rotating through a well-defined and seamless day of engagement. Regardless of the school size, the "Day of Science" will prove to be a powerfully memorable experience.

Check Out Each Station

Ready Set Rocket

"We are launching in...3...2...1..." Who wouldn't like to create their own custom rocket and launch it over 200 feet in the air? Chose from over 15 unique rocket designs. Rockets are crafted from printed color-card stock paper, complete with rocket fins and colorfully printed "flames" shooting from the base.

Outside, students launch their handmade and personally decorated rockets 200 feet in the sky! The unique launching apparatus is completely safe, staying away from explosions, flame or heat. Students chose the direction and pitch of launch using a telescoping arm for maximizing height or distance...their choice!

Students learn about pressure, air, rocket balance, gravity, trajectory, plus so much more. The "Ready, Set, Rocket" experience also includes stomp rockets, rocket balloons and so much more! Similar to every "Amazing Chemistry Show" Hands-On Experience, a seven foot tall brightly colored pull-up tension banner adds to the excitement during building and launching!


Be amazed as you explore the world around us in a brand new way - magnified over 200 times! Using a hand-held digital microscope, easily view normally unseen details on a large screen television or projector - live and in real time!

Explore an insects eyes, legs and body parts like you have never seen before. Examine the delicate details of the parts of a flower. Examine your fingerprints, hair follicles and even the details of your shirt. Other interesting items include a computer chip, seeds, leaves, and so much more...!

Students learn about magnification, microscopes, and magnifying glasses, while exploring everyday items in highly memorable ways. This jaw-dropping experience mesmerizes participants of all ages and gives a new found appreciation of the...Micro World around us!

Similar to every Hands-On Experience, a seven foot tall brightly colored pull-up tension banner adds to the excitement and professionalism of exploration.


"This is a totally ELECTRIC experience!"

Students learn about electrons, conductivity, open and closed circuits, electrical safety, plus so much more. The "Extreme Electricity" experience includes 3 plasma globes, a hand-crank generator, a Van De Graff generator (creating over 400,000 Volts of static electricity) and much more! This hands-on experience will leave your hair stand on end!

Let's learn about a totally memorable way! Students participate in a "human" electric circuit, where open and closed circuits are as simple as holding and letting go of hands!

Totally safe, totally exciting and totally electrifying, this hands-on experience is sure to bring a spark to student learning!

Similar to every "Amazing Chemistry Show" Hands-On Experience, a seven foot tall brightly colored pull-up tension banner (shown to the left) adds to the excitement during exploration and electrical investigation!


Ready...Aim...Fire...! Build your own working catapult with your very own hands! This Hands-On Experience is high on history, high on interaction and high on impact...literally!

Students learn the historical details of medieval warfare from an ancient engineering perspective. Explore concepts like speed, acceleration, angular momentum, projectiles and applied sciences. Three historically accurate and intriguing wooden models show how medieval kingdoms utilized technology to launch attack from great distances.

Each student will build a working catapult, make a graphically rich castle from card-stock paper and determine the best distance, force required and technique to land a projectile inside the castle walls.

This two part learning cycle involves two separate yet equally fun activities. First, students will create a working catapult from a standard design. In the second part of the learning cycle, teams of students will attempt to design and create a launching apparatus and a projectile from a bag of seemingly random items. Design, form, function and teamwork allow for an exciting and memorable open-ended experience!


"Oooh... Gross... This is Awesome!" Students try their hands as Chemists as they measure, pour, mix and test their own unique mixture of "Super Slime".

Make Slime... YUCK!
Make Gloop... GROSS!
Make Glow-in-the-Dark Atomic Worms... DISGUSTINGLY COOL!

Students are witness to a vivid slime demonstration with a polymer that “pours uphill”. Black-Lights help bring these oozing "Non-Newtonian Solids" to life in the dark.

Students learn about concepts such as measurement, scientific testing, gravity, viscosity, elasticity, polymers, plastics and long-chain carbon-based structures...with their hands! Basic chemical safety is introduced using simple and non-toxic chemicals.

Similar to every "Amazing Chemistry Show" Hands-On Experience, a seven foot tall brightly colored pull-up tension banner (shown to the left) adds to the excitement during Polymer Making and Testing!


"This is just like being a real Scientist!"

First, students carefully make observations prior to the reaction...anticipations builds! Next, as instructions are given, the plastic vial holding the red liquid is squeezed onto one side of the plastic zip-lock bag...woah...a vivid color change...double woah...this side is HOT! Then, as further instructions are given, the remaining red liquid is introduced to the other side of our reaction vessel...yikes...another vivid color change...double yikes...this side is FRIGID COLD! Finally, all ingredients are squished together...but the results of the rest of the reaction will remain a surprise...and an exciting surprise, indeed!

This classic reaction is such a wonderful experience for young learners to make scientific observations, view evidences of chemical changes and record their findings on age appropriate worksheets!

This safe, non-toxic and easily disposable hands-on experience maximizes excitement and minimizes any hazards. Although the substances involved are common and safe, rest assured, the contents of the reaction never leave the zip-lock bag!

Similar to every "Amazing Chemistry Show" Hands-On Experience, a seven foot tall brightly colored pull-up tension banner adds to the excitement during exploration and observation!

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What Faculties are Saying

Curt Coffman

Dean of Math and Science at Vinceness University

"I highly recommend "The Amazing Chemistry Show" as a way to educate the public on how science works.”

"We asked Josh to come as the finale of "Super Science Saturday", a STEM recruiting event on our campus. Josh did a great job engaging the audience with his high energy presentation. We had over 400 people come out to view his show. Josh is a great ambassador for STEM and challenges students to really think about the personal qualities that will make them successful as students and also as professionals. I highly recommend "The Amazing Chemistry Show" as a way to educate the public on how science works."