So many dad's think their lack of Biblical knowledge disqualifies them from leading their children spiritually.  They may say, "Lead spiritually...? That is NOT me!"  Can you lead your family spiritually if you are NOT a Bible scholar?

Learning from a Kid Bible

Once I started having kids, I began to read my kids children’s Bible to them on a very consistent basis. I can honestly say that I learned more through this process and I ever thought possible.  I knew quite a lot about the Bible before having kids. However, I was quite surprised at how much I learned from simply reading a children’s Bible to my kids.

"Listen, that is NOT me..."

An amazing transformation happens when we have kids. There is this pronounced sense of responsibility, but some parents say, "Listen that is NOT me...!  I am not the creative and kid type. My spouse is so much better that than me in this area!"  Fair.

That Ain't Me

If you can read...

If you can read, you can lead.  You may not know the Bible well. I completely understand. However, I have learned tons from reading children’s Bibles out loud to my kids.  Just do it.  Jump in and chronologically read the children’s Bible to your kids. You’ll be surprised what you will learn.

The Power of Pajamas

An amazing transformation happens when our kids are in their pajamas and laying down to bed. For some reason, it seems as if they are more vulnerable, more open to love, discussion, and instruction.   These amazing moments, though fleeting, are ripe for opportunity.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your kids through reading the Bible.  We have one shot at this parenting thing. I don’t want to look back and see that I wasted so much precious opportunity.

Listen if you can read, you can lead. Start small, start tonight.