I was "That One Sheep..."  I was that kid.  I was the lost lamb that was so challenging to have in your Sunday School small group.  I was so challenging, that my Sunday School teacher even brought a tape recorder to catch me being bad and disruptive. Thank God someone continued to pursue me.  The farmer left the 99 and searched for "that one sheep" who was lost.

1. Our Purpose in Ministry - As leaders in Children's Ministry, we must constantly remind ourselves and our volunteers the purpose and goal of our ministry: Reflect the Nature and Character of God.  God loves all sheep, but what about "That One Sheep"?

2. Modeling God's Heart - God seeks lost sheep. He cares for the straggler. He has compassion for the disheveled little girl in your small group. He wants us to have a heart like His.  He has a heart for "that one sheep".  God loves the runt.  His heart has a special place for the disheveled, the lonely, the one who is left out. He literally left the 99 sheep and sought out just...one sheep.  That one sheep.

3. Open Our Eyes and Hearts - Watch this short video and be reminded of the powerful truth that God sought us out when we were lost. There may be a super annoying and distracting little boy or girl in our small groups. Let's open our eyes and hearts for...That One Sheep.  May we seek to encourage and lift up the heads and hearts of each child in our ministry. 


How do you seek to reach out to challenging kids who may qualify as "that one sheep"?  Comment below!