Are you willing to bloom where you are planted?  Not where you want to be planted, but seek to bloom where you are currently planted?  Are we willing to submit to our unique calling God has for our unique life as we seek to minister to kids?

1. The Call to Stay - It was quite confusing to me as a young believer when I read the words of Jesus telling a new convert NOT to follow Him, but to stay put and simply tell others the good things God had done in his life.  Few know that this man, the one from whom a legion of demon's was cast, stayed and sought to bloom where he was planted.  That was his lot.  That was his calling.

2. National Platform vs. A Local Calling - God has a plan. His plan for each of His children is as unique the individuals He has called. Some may be called to do ministry to the masses. However, do not assume a local calling is any less important. His calling to you as a children's worker will be rewarded based on your faithfulness to THAT calling, not another.  Are you willing to bloom where you are planted, or are you seeking and wanting to live another person's calling?

3. The Long term Impact - Working in children's ministry is an act of faith. We may never sit under the shade of the spiritual oak tree we have planted and nurtured. Yet our calling is so valuable. Plant today in the lives of children and trust God to carry the ripple effects into eternity.  You have been called to do that which only you can do.


How do you feel you are uniquely wired and how are you seeking to bloom where you are planted?  Comment below!