Sometimes, in our effort to have family devotions we sometimes find ourselves unable to wrap it up, land the plane and call it a night.  We often think that we need to continue to belabor the exact same point, over, and over, and over.  We mistakenly think that if a little is good, a TON is better.  We need to remember the 5 B's of Family Devotions.

In Many Words, the Devotion is NOT better!

We think that in the abundance of words, the devotion is good.   I want to challenge that concept. I actually think that the five B’s of family devotions should be implemented.  Literally, less is more. There truly is a fine line between "kids wanting more" and "this is a bore".

Be Brief Brother Be Brief

How Long is Long Enough?

Here is a good starting point.  Match the age of your child to the number of minutes you spend. Try 3-minute bursts for a 3 year old.  A 5-minute daily burst for our 5 year old.  Over time it begins to add up and make a huge difference.  How about a 10 years old daughter?  What about an opportunity to sit down for 10 minutes and have a meaningful Bible time?  Could that be enough to make a difference?

Time + Consistency of Behavior = Results

500 hours of positive spiritual investment is around 30,000 minutes. Over an 8 year period, we can accomplish this in just 8 to 10 minutes a day.  Small and consistent bursts will win the day. Remember, the 5 B's of Family Devotions:  Be Brief, Brother, Be Brief!  Keep it short, keep it consistent.

Cramming Content KILLS...

A parent may have neglected doing anything with their kids for years.  When they realize I am behind, we may feel the pressure to make up for lost time. Trying to force-feed a junior high son or daughter to have SUPER LONG "Quality Time" around spiritual themes when they are not used to that rhythm is going to have a reverse effect, I guarantee it.  This is a poor investment strategy.

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