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Josh Denhart

My name is Josh Denhart and I am the creator of the Science VBS, “B.A.S.I.C. Elements”. I have a BA in Chemistry Education, a MA in Effective Instruction, and earned National Board Certification in Young Adult and Adolescent Science. I taught High School Chemistry for many years until my life took an unexpected turn as God called me into full-time vocational ministry as a Children’s Pastor. I created “The Amazing Chemistry Show” and have been able to share the good new of Jesus with thousands and thousands of people with this “Ministry of Chemistry".

Why I created this program

As a full time Children’s Pastor of a large church, I see the need for quality curricular materials. The Science VBS Project grew out of a passion to reach more and more children with the message of Jesus Christ in a highly engaging way, that stayed true to the core teachings of the Bible and yet could be easily implemented for churches of all sizes.

Science VBS has 10 amazing Science Devotionals, each with a 5 minute closing video.

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Download the FREE Small Group Science Devotional sheet for "Magic Science Sand" taken from Day #1 - "Believe"

Bonus Download - Instant Snow!

Science VBS has 15 amazing Science Projects! No More Lame VBS Crafts!

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Click here to download 1 of the 15 unique rocket designs

Lantern Music

Let's face it...VBS Music has gotta ROCK! Check out the worship AND song action videos from Lantern Music! Members receive 13 worship videos and 12 song action videos!

Believe Worship Video

Believe Song Actions Video

Free Downloads

Download a FREE Scripture song from Lantern Music. This is 1 of 13 original songs that come with with Science VBS! Members of Science VBS can make and distribute as many copies of the music as you want!

Download a FREE sample chord charts for your worship band from Lantern Music. Members receive 13 full chord charts from Lantern Music.

Download a FREE PowerPoint of the lyrics for "Believe". Members get 13 PowerPoints + the Full Lantern Music Pro-Presenter Bundle ($250 value)