There is an interesting verse in the Bible which states “God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble”. That verse is extremely eye opening. To think that the Almighty God of the universe could be opposed to me is very sobering.

Opposition to God

I don’t want God to be opposed to me. I don’t want to ever be in an oppositional situation with God. That sounds horrible. However, I often find myself migrating toward a position of pride, like the rest of us. Often I find myself in a position to think that I can conquer this on my own, that I have enough human ingenuity to solve this problem or make this or that happen.

Offensive to Others

I would suppose that pride is thinking that I can handle this by myself. I would say that pride has a layer of self-confidence that is not only offensive to God but is certainly offensive to others.

I have been around individuals who exhibit or exude a prideful spirit and it isn’t appealing. It isn’t something that draws me to them. In the same way, I have reflected on the past when people have been less inclined to want to be around me. It was often because I had migrated to a position of pride.

People are opposed to prideful people. God himself is opposed to the proud.

Grace to the Humble

The verse goes on to say that He gives grace to the humble. Grace is simply a large Christian sounding word that means unmerited favor. If God is opposed to the proud, He gives unmerited, undeserved favor to those who are humble. That sounds so appealing and so wonderful. I want God’s unmerited favor and the Bible shows that a path toward receiving His unmerited favor is a posture of humility.

Lead Confidentially, with Humility

As a leader it is often far too easy to convince even yourself that you have all the answers, that everyone needs to follow and listen to you. Often as leaders we think that the greatest position of power and leadership comes from having all the answers and having confidence in those answers. I do think it is possible to lead confidently yet under an umbrella of beautiful humility.

I have lead from a position of pride and it doesn’t feel good. It is almost as if I have stepped out from under the protective umbrella of God’s grace. Operating with humility means that you are tentative as a leader. You are not definitive. To be tentative means that you are subject to change. You are subject to new inputs or influences. While a definitive and possibly prideful leader is so convinced of their position that they will defend it at all cost. That certainly smells like pride.

Pathway of Humility

I don’t have all the answers and I certainly don’t have the corner of the market on every possible angle. That is why I surround myself with a team. I want to grow in the pathway of humility for it is the path of unmerited favor from God. God is opposed to the proud but He gives grace to the humble.

Be humble.