Parenting is investment. Being intentional to participate in your children’s spiritual life is a worthy place to give of your time, your energies, your prayers, and your heart.  Ministering to your own children, especially when they are young, is a fantastic investment in the Kingdom of God.

Age 5; Age 13

Studies show that a child’s basic moral foundation set by age 5 and the big picture concepts of God, like His character, His nature and foundational understandings of Christian doctrine are basically solidified by age 13.  That is profound.  The foundation of faith that our children will build their own spiritual house will be primarily established in our homes.

Parenting is Investment

We should joyfully celebrate the importance of spiritual parenting. Simultaneously, this should give us great pause about our responsibility as parents.   As parents, we are the single most important piece to the puzzle.  The foundational groundwork will be laid, in large part, by you, their parents. Parenting is Investment.

The Proper Wiring

Let’s imagine that you are hired by a general contractor to install the electrical work in a new home.  You meticulously follow a set of plans and place important wires in walls which will soon be covered by drywall, paint and trim.   Your work is foundational. Your work is done somewhat behind the scenes. Yet, your work will forever influenced the functionality of this beautiful home.

A Spiritual Electrician

As a parent, you are helping set up the wiring for your children’s heart, head, soul and spirit. Your involvement as an engaged parent is playing a role as a master electrician.  A spiritual electrician, so to speak. This is no small job.  By faithfully teaching the concepts of the kingdom of God in a memorable way to your kids, you are quietly wiring the spiritual infrastructure for a lifetime to come.  Amen.

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