Prepare to be alarmed.

Studies show 75% of kids who are part of a strong evangelical church will leave the church and any connection to Christ from age 18-29.

Ponder that.

75 0f 100 - Vanish from Church

On a Sunday morning at our church we have a room of 100 first through third graders.  If this statistic holds true, 75 of those kids, when they graduate from high school, will discontinue any affiliation with a local church and not pursue a relationship with Christ.

Why did 25% Stay...??

Yet, the real question to ask is, What was happening right in the 25% who stayed?

Prepare to be alarmed, again.

Research shows 5 things were true of the 25% who DID NOT leave the church and a relationship with Christ from age 18-29:

  1. Ate dinner 5 of 7 nights a week as a family
  2. Served WITH their families in a faith-based ministry
  3. Had at least one significant spiritual experience in the home during the week
  4. Were entrusted with significant responsibility in a ministry at a young age
  5. Had at least one adult in their lives, other than their parents, who believed the same thing as their parents.

It's Not Rocket Science

Why am I alarmed by the results of this study?  Because it is not rocket science.  It should be within my capability to eat dinner five of seven nights a week with my family.  It is alarming to me that something as seemingly inconsequential as eating dinner together could result in my child desiring to worship Christ when they leave my home. It's the Simple Things.

There are no magic levers.

These five items are not an elixir for “everything to be okay”.  There is no perfect formula or panacea.   Trust me, if there were a lever to be pulled, it would have been pulled by now and we would not be having this conversation.  I need the Holy Spirit. I need God’s help. Ultimately, this is His work.

But, I believe we have a role to play.  It comes down to intentional engagement.  This week, be intentional, be with your kids and continue to trust God.

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