We all want our kids to stay connected with Christ and the church when they grow up.  Studies show those who were "Entrusted With Significant Responsibility in a Ministry at a Young Age" were less likely to jettison the faith as they left home.  It is the Power of Serving.

Contribution vs Consumption

Wow.  So those who were given a chance to contribute in the life and service of the church at a young age had a higher probability of not leaving the church and ditching their relationship with Christ when they left home.  Interesting.

I believe that kids, if they are given a taste of giving of themselves to others and the church, they will find satisfaction in Christ.  Personally, I live most fully in Christ as I’m giving myself away through serving. Why would it be any different for a kid?  This is the Power of Serving.

Ivy Beckwith is a leading thinker in Children’s Ministry.  She writes:

“Children must be allowed to participate in the activities of the faith community. The child needs to do things in the community, not just have things done for them. The faith community should intentionally provide opportunities for the child to act on their faith, by serving others. In addition, children need to experience the stories of faith, not just hear them. It needs to be experiential.”

Having kids feel like they have a responsibility and can contribute to the mission of the church is extremely important.  However, it would be so much simpler to have them sit and listen to another cute sermonette.

Hard, But Good

It’s not easy to find ways for kids to serve in ministry.  It’s chaotic. It’s noisy.  They may not do it the best.  Seriously, it would be easier just do it ourselves, right?

Yet, easy may not be best.  As we seek to raise our kids, let’s seek to find ways to plug in and serve as families and for our kids as individuals.  It takes work.  Yet it is oh so profitable.  Find a place to participate.

It has implications that last a lifetime.

How are you seeking to get your kids to serve?  Comment below.