Our effectiveness in reaching kids is in direct relationship to our own spiritual health.

1. The First Things First

It is our of the overflow of our personal walk with God that we will have something to offer kids in ministry.  May we keep our own spiritual health a priority. The fruit we see is in direct proportion to the cultivation of secret fruit in our own heart and life.

Want to be effective in the Kingdom of God?

Be healthy. Work on YOUR spiritual life.

2. The Bar is Set Higher

James admonishes us and states that as teachers we will be judged more strictly.  I assert that among teachers, those leading kids may be judged with even greater scrutiny.  Our audience is children.  Kids are far more mailable and mold-able that their adult counterparts.  The responsibility is great.

Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness. James 3:1

3. If the World Followed YOU...?

What if you awoke and discovered that the entire world were now following you?! Where would you be leading them?

Would we dare utter the words Paul so confidently proclaimed when he advised other to "Follow me as I follow Christ."?  Question: Are our lives worthy of being emulated by children?  Is every aspect of your public AND your private live worthy of being imitated by impressionable children?  Think about it. How is your spiritual life.

Would you be comfortable if your small group of kids were to view a video transcription of your life?  Listen no one is perfect.  I get that.  God is not looking for perfection.