Leadership development with our own children is about identifying the basic leadership qualities and fanning gifts into a flame.

The apostle Paul had an understudy. His name was Timothy. Timothy followed Paul, learned from Paul and modeled his ministry based on Paul’s instructions. In his second letter to Timothy, Paul  writes,

You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Jesus Christ, and what you have heard from me, in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.

Life Transfer

Listen, whether it is baking a cake, doing some basic home repair or even preparing for family devotions, we can involve our kids.  I get it, though.  If we are looking to make it quick, simple and streamlined, exclude your kids from helping.  They take longer.  They ask questions. They spill far more easily than I do.  They will drop the nail far more frequently than I will.  But it is worth it.

What you heard me in front of others, you now tell others, who will be able to tell others as well.2nd Timothy 2:2.

Annoyance or Gifting?

The very item about your child that annoys you the most about them may be the very thing that could set them apart as a leader in their future.  It might be a leadership trait in disguise. Sometimes the kid who seems to be the most problematic, is simply a future leader with raw and untapped leadership ability, waiting for someone to lead them.  We can shape and form that gift that sometimes goes awry.

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My encouragement to you is to look at your children's shortcomings with an eye toward develop and not disgust.  I tell you the very trait that is continually tripping you up as a parent, may have an uncharacteristically positive side.
Look this week at your kids.  Look at them with an eye toward leadership development.