God has a job.  We have a job.

What is your responsibility?  What is God's responsibility?

1. Who is Responsible for Salvation?

Who's job is it to save someone's soul? Does this responsibility fall under the category of the person who shares the message? Absolutely not. May we never forget that it is the kindness of the Lord leads us to repentance. John 6:44 says, "No one comes to the Son unless they are drawn by the Father."

As we co-labor with Christ to reach kids, we must never forget that salvation belongs to the Lord.  Salvation is the work of God. Not the work of humans.

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2. Dependence is Our Greatest Ally

The most important thing we can do in ministry is the thing that we ourselves are powerless to do. We are powerless to save someone from there sins. However, God honors those who wait on Him.  We have a job.  It is not like we are to wait idly for God to save.  We have a role to play.

3. Be Committed to Prayer

Think of every child in your small group. Do you know for a fact if someone is praying for that specific child? However, if you pray for them, you now know confidently someone is lifting them up and put in prayer. The Gospel is moved forward as we pray specifically for the salvation of those entrusted to our care.

We all struggle to find the right balance.

(1) Is it possible to depend on God too much and dismiss your responsibility?  Interesting question!

(2) Do you find yourself stepping into the role of "junior holy spirit" and taking over the job that is only God's to do?