If you are new in ministry, you want to begin creating a wonderful history of excellence and execution right now. When you start your job, the last thing you want to do is to create for your employer a memory bank of less than excellent work. You want to dominate right from the get go.

Listen, a reputation is earned through time plus consistency of behavior, whatever that behavior might be. If you want to have a great future, it starts with having a fantastic track record.

I see so many leaders desiring to do great things and having great ideas. However, their past failings and their historical inability to execute leaves them massively inhibited. An executive pastor or a supervisor looks at this leader's idea  through the lens of the leader's past failings with a massive dose of skepticism.

How do you get beyond this? Well, it is very easy. You dominate with every task that you’re handed from the very start.

Now some of you may be reading this after you’ve been on the job awhile and can think of some performance mistakes in the past. In this situation, look in the mirror, not out the window.

Here’s the deal, if you have a track record of dropping balls and having failed at executing the tasks that you have presented, you have some hurdles to overcome. The best way forward, however, is a brand new history. Begin to rewrite your own personal ministry history by the next great thing that you do. If you do not start rewriting your history, you’re going to continue to have road blocks and not be given budget and not be given opportunity and not be given a chance to succeed.

You need to understand that you need your supervisor to give you rope. Two things can happen with that rope. You can tie your very own noose that goes around your neck and you choke yourself. You will not be given future opportunities to pull off fun and exciting ministry. However, if you tie several knots in that rope and pull yourself toward achieving success with the vision you have laid out, those knots become rungs on a rope ladder. Your leaders will see a history of how you dominated and brought together powerful ministry from your ideas.

At the end of the day, the best future comes from a history of excellence.