I am no longer comfortable saying, "I want to lead kids to Christ."

We need to consider changing our wording when discussing salvation with our kids.

I am serious.  Words matter.  Words have meaning.

"Leading Kids to See Their Need for a Savior"

These days, rather than saying, "I hope to lead kids to Christ", I am more comfortable saying, "I hope to lead kids to a place where they see their need for a Savior."  Do you see the subtle difference?  I want to pray and ask God to do his heart work, a heart work that I myself am incapable of performing.  Our job as parents is to lead our kids to a place where they will see their own need for a Savior. The rest is up to the Lord. Amen.

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day. John 6:44

Surprised By Salvation

My son and I were gardening.  He asked about Jesus, heaven, hell, sin and more.  What did I do in response?  Did I drop everything and pressure-sell him to pray and become a Christian?  Nope. That is not my job. Here is what I did:

#1 - I answered his questions.

#2 - I prayed fervently.

#3 - I waited on God's conviction and Spirit.

My son saw his need for Jesus and was prompted by the Holy Spirit to receive the gift of salvation. I did not know this even happened for 8-months.

The  #1 Goal in Parenting

As a parent who follows Christ, there is something that I desire more than good grades or starting on the elite soccer team.  I desire for my kids to have a meaningful relationship with Christ and see them in heaven someday.  I want to lead my children to a place where they see their own need for a Savior.  This may take time. It may take years. While I may play an important role, the burden of salvation rests solely on God.