Welcome to Faith Lab @ Home - Season 2! We want to help families connect, find joy in spending time together, and support parents as they lead their children in faith.

Our vision: "Cool Science, Made Easy, Reach People."

Click a lesson and follow 5 simple steps. It's that easy - and fun! Let's get started.

Scripture Music - Get Up! Get Moving! Download the MP3’s in the bonus material.

Science Devotion - Open in Prayer. Watch the video. Discuss the questions.

Sink or Float – Keep track of all points. Stand or Sit. Make this section an ongoing family contest.

Science Projects – Scroll down to see what household items are needed for the session's Science Project

Would You Rather – Have fun voting for which thing they would rather do...or avoid!

Faith Lab @ Home Season 2 Lessons


"Straight Paths" Worship Leading

"Straight Paths" Song Actions

Science Devotion

Crystal Ornaments

Read and Discuss:

Main Spiritual Point:  Christians may undergo persecution or hard times simply because they believe and love Jesus.

Bible Verse: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Question: Have you ever had a hard time in your life? Do you have any Christian friends that you can talk to and share about your hard things? Who are they?  Can you call them today?

Sink or Float Contest

How to Play:

Stand if you think it will float! Sit if you think it will sink! Keep track of points!



Science Project

Nail Stacking

Supplies Needed:

  • 16 16-Penny Nails (these are flathead nails, you need 16 for the project, and their official name is a “16-penny nail")
  • Wooden Board (optional, 2x4 board cut to 4x4 length)

Would You Rather

Get your kids talking and laughing, and spark some interesting conversations about personalities, preferences, dreams, and fears! Click to play the short video, and hit pause after Josh asks, "Would you rather...." Let every family member share before you "unpause" and hear the next "Would you rather..." selection.


Download Season 2 Music

Science Activity Book

“I Want My Kids to Argue” E-Book

Parent Recharge Video

The Power of Serving

Synopsis: Studies have shown that children who were entrusted with significant responsibility at a young age, were more likely to stay connected to Christ when they left high school. Children will find satisfaction in Christ when they are giving through service, the same as adults do.

#1 - Recall - What is a way children can remain connected to Christ and the church?

#2 – Reflection - Do you encourage or entrust your child with responsibility and service in the ministry?

#3 - Response - What are some ways you as a family can begin serving in the ministry?

#4 - Right Now - What are you doing right now to give your children a sense of responsibility in a ministry?