I was on TV last summer.

This episode was selected as a "Top Pick Interview" by the TV hosts/crew.

Must See Her Reaction!

You MUST WATCH AT 8:03...Funniest Reaction from the Host!

I had the hosts inhale some gases.  Helium for the guy. Sulfur Hexa-Fluoride for the gal.  His in a pink balloon.  Hers in a blue balloon.  Gases are interesting.  We speak and live in a particular density of air.  This affects how we hear, speak and live.  What if someone inhaled a lighter than air gas?  Like Helium??  Well, we have all done that, right?  Sure, we all know that inhaling helium and speaking makes our voice sound high pitched, like the natives in the land of Oz.  You see, helium is 6 times lighter than air.

Well, what about a gas that is 6 times heavier than regular air?  What would happen?  Well...you MUST WATCH at 8:03 and beyond.

Top Pic Interview

After you see the video, you can see why one host said this was one of her favorite IF NOT her all-time favorite TV interview ever!  Seriously, check out this hilarious video!