Sweet Dad Devotions

I Was Alarmed!

Prepare to be alarmed. Studies show 75% of kids who are part of a church will leave the church and any connection to Christ from age 18-29. On a Sunday morning at our church we have a room of 100 1st-3rd graders.  If true, 75 of those kids, disregard church and their relationship with Christ upon graduation.

We ask – “What are we doing wrong that 75% of church kids leave?”

Yet, the real question is – “What was happening right in the 25% who stayed?”

It Ain't Rocket Science!

Prepare to be alarmed, again.  Research shows 5 things were true of the 25% who DID NOT leave the church and a relationship with Christ from age 18-29:

  1. Ate dinner as a family 5 of 7 nights a week
  2. Served WITH their families in a ministry
  3. Given responsibility in a ministry at a young age
  4. Had one spiritual experience in the home during the week
  5. Had at least one faith-focused adult in their lives, other than their parents

This is not rocket science It is surprising to me that 5 seemingly inconsequential factors could result in kids following Christ upon leaving home.

Why Dad's Don't Dominate

Let’s consider #4, “Had one spiritual experience in the home during the week.” This is the tough one, actually. Why is today’s dad is not succeeding in the area of weekly devotions with their kids?

I have concluded 2 reasons:

#1 - Bad and Boring Content - Most family devotions are lame. If a tooth extraction sounds better than family devotions, we have a serious problem. In addition, dads feel stupid leading lame and outdated devotions. Bad content is BAD.

#2 - Beaten by Busy – Could society add one more thing to the family schedule? The average family is insanely busy. Dedicating an entire night for family devotions will fail. Dad’s do not have time to prepare a quality devotion that is fun and engaging.

What a digital dad needs is:

  • Content that their kids are begging to do.
  • Content that actually engages them in the process.
  • Content that makes them the hero.
  • Something achievable in 20 minutes 2 times a month.
  • Digital content delivered directly to their phone.
  • Content that is Hands-On, Memorable and Biblical.

I am a Digital Dad. I live by my phone. It is my calendar, my email, my reminder system and more. What if science-inspired, Christ-focused family devotions were being digitally dripped to my cell phone or iPad? What if I could teach my kids about Jesus though hands-on science experiences in just 20-minutes?

Science Devotions @ Home

Science Devotions @ Home is a 6-month digital curriculum delivered bit-by-bit to your devices as opposed to a huge and overwhelming book. Families receive a small package in the mail with the hands-on science items they will need. Science Devotions @ Home is (1) a blast for kids and parents, (2) is turn-key in its simplicity, and yet (3) retains strong Biblical content.

Check out Science Devotions @ Home today!