Blessed to Give

Is it truly better to give something away then to receive something? How does the mathematical equation of that scenario work?  How does this add up?  How can I actually have more after giving away? "Remember the words of our Lord Jesus, It is  more blessed to give than to receive." Doesn’t it seem somehow backwards? Doesn’t this [...]

4 Step Plan

God has a 4 step plan for families.  He gave it to Moses.  The grand strategy for bringing about spiritual health was through the family. "These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk [...]

That is NOT me

So many dad's think their lack of Biblical knowledge disqualifies them from leading their children spiritually.  They may say, "Lead spiritually...? That is NOT me!"  Can you lead your family spiritually if you are NOT a Bible scholar? YES! Learning from a Kid Bible Once I started having kids, I began to read my kids [...]

My Aim

I am a children’s pastor.  That’s my job.  Some may presume that my job as a pastor is to share the message of Jesus Christ with kids.  It is NOT my primary aim. My highest aim as a children’s pastor is the following: I want to make sure parents understand they are Accountable to God, for [...]

Parenting is Investment

Parenting is investment. Being intentional to participate in your children’s spiritual life is a worthy place to give of your time, your energies, your prayers, and your heart.  Ministering to your own children, especially when they are young, is a fantastic investment in the Kingdom of God. Age 5; Age 13 Studies show that a child’s [...]

Leadership by Proxy

Squirming and talking kids is distracting during Sunday School.  Period.  The teacher is distracted.  The kids are distracted. So...what can be done? I envision four possibilities: Scenario #1 - The Epic Fail Adult leaders are around the outside of the room (1) talking with one another and (2) paying no attention to the teaching that [...]

Fruitful Investment

Serving in children’s ministry is a fruitful investment. Children’s ministry is a worthy place to give of your time, your energies, your prayers, and your heart.  Teach 'em Young Studies show that a child’s basic moral foundation set by age 5.   In addition, studies show that the big picture concepts of God, like His character, His [...]

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